THE END SO FAR (2022) Is Not The End, But A New Beginning

ALBUM: The end so far (2022)

Shawn Crahan Craig Jones Mick Thomson Corey Taylor Sid Wilson Jim Root Alessandro Venturella Jay Weinberg Michael Pfaff

STYLE: Nu-Metal, Groove metal, Heavy Metal


2.“The Dying Song (Time to Sing)”3:23
3.The Chapeltown Rag4:51
5.“Hive Mind”5:15
7.“Medicine for the Dead”6:16
11.“De Sade”5:39
Total length:57:31

Slipknot is a mainstay on the metal scene and on the group’s seventh studio album they still impress. Sure many people are calling “THE END SO FAR” SlipSour because some of the material is more geared toward an alternative audience.

Taylor and the gang create a sound that is their own. There are layers of mixes overtop of gut-grinding guitars and bombastic drums. This isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, this is distinctly Slipknot’s sound. They create a sort of audio-controlled chaos. This is why fans love (or) hate them.

The reality is that as bands grow and people in the band change, so do the sounds and styles of music they make. Metallica dipped its feet in the late nineties with albums LOAD and RELOAD. Slipknot is slowly mixing in a softer (not by much) sound which listeners will either embrace or abandon ship. The main thing to note though is Slipknot is still Slipknot (even with all the line-up changes). They still have a viciousness to the music that comes through.

The lead-off song on the album “Adderall” is probably the most polarizing song among fans. The slower tempo and dessert rock feel really have echoes of a band like Queens of the Stone Age. The next song “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)” brings listeners back into the Slipknot hemisphere. Sure, this a heavy song with melodies, but also the Taylor growls.

Song’s Hivemind, H377 and Warranty bring the band back to their root sound. These are the heaviest that this album offers. They won’t disappoint core fans, and will also impress new fans. Many of the remaining songs on the album dip their feet into a Stone Sour, Slipknot hybrid. Neither sounds completely like one band or the other. Corey Taylor goes back and forth between clean vocals and screams, which doesn’t feel forced. It’s actually refreshing to hear Slipknot songs this way.

Slipknot’s THE END SO FAR is an album with many styles and full of substance. The songs within are all impressive musically, lyrically and vocally. Taylor adopts a vocal styling that he’s slowly been nurturing since Stone Sours’s first album release. This is one of the band’s best offerings yet. The sound is an evolution and shows which way the band is moving in. Like it or hate it we all grow old, but evolution is better than just staying stagnant.


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