Auburn, Maine Artist Nicholas Pinkham Stuns With Scary Adroitness

I see many artists come and go on my social media accounts. Some of this art sticks within the gooey parts of my brain. One such artist is Nicholas Pinkham under his Nicholas Pinkham Art Facebook account.
Pinkham is a Maine resident, who still embraces his childhood attachment to all things Halloween, horror and actors in rubber monster suits stomping on small-scale replicas of buildings.

I was born in Boothbay, a small Maine town where you either grow up to be a lobsterman or a carpenter so I left to build a new life and explore my passions.”

His dreams of success in charcoal portrait art and screenwriting fuel this human machine.
I’m hellbent on being a success in charcoal portrait art and screenwriting while dreaming of one-day building horror-themed mini golf.

Pinkham’s sublime imagination adorns every piece of art that he creates. There’s a playful feeling to each creation, some are subtle and some are rib-tickling. Feast your eyes upon just a few of many art creations from the one and only Nicholas Pinkham!



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