Comic Crypt: THE MARKED: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Takes On Evil This October!

Image Comics has announced a new one-shot, THE MARKED: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! The special edition is from duo David Hine and Brian Haberlin. You can check out all the bloody mayhem beginning on October 12th in comic book stores. Get more details right here below.

From The Press Release

PORTLAND, Ore. 08/23/2022 — Fan-favorite duo David Hine and Brian Haberlin re-team for a special Halloween treat for readers just in time for Halloween with The Marked: Halloween Special one-shot out from Image Comics.

Once every hundred years The Marked are challenged to a game called Rogue’s Night. It’s a game, like Russian Roulette is a game, like Christians vs. Lions was a game. The stakes are high and if The Marked lose, we all lose.

Here’s how it works: Rogue was a powerful witch who was kicked out of The Marked four hundred years ago for using Dark Magic. Every century she takes her revenge by choosing a location to unleash her mischief demons. This time her target is Holy Mountain, Texas, where a radical evangelist called Pastor Jonah is burning books and banning Halloween. According to the pastor, leftists and liberals are literally Satan’s demons in human form. As night falls on Halloween, it looks like he was right. The demons are here and it’s all tricks with no treats for the God-fearing citizens of Holy Mountain.

Their only hope of survival lies with the “witchy freaks” known as The Marked, the very people they tried to kick out of town.

Did we mention, that if The Marked fail to send the mischief demons back to Hell before midnight, they get to wreak havoc across the world for the next hundred years?!

Check out the bloody mayhem in regular hellish color or sit back and watch the demons leap off the page in our special 3-D version with exceptionally rare “BLINK” version.

“I love Halloween and wanted to tell a fun and scary story, and who better to cast than my favorite witches! So happy to be in the saddle again with David Hine and Geirrod Van Dyke…and of course my favorite tattooed witches…THE MARKED,” said Haberlin.

Hine added: “I’ve been missing The Marked and I do apologize for killing off half a dozen of them in that first series. I note that Brian hasn’t dispatched any more characters while I was away but I’m back now and it’s Halloween, so nobody’s safe! Brian, why are you crying?”

The Marked: Halloween Special one-shot (on sale at local comic shops on Wednesday, October 12):

The Marked: Halloween Special one-shot 3D edition (on sale at local comic shops on Wednesday, October 19):

The Marked: Halloween Special will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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