Bruce Palmer’s Deep Cuts: Volumes 1 And 2 Astound And Amaze With Immense Horror Knowledge

Bruce Palmer, the author of the Deep Cuts volumes 1&2 knows his horror. In fact, I would say he not only knows it but he’s the head of the faculty of frights and things that go bump in the night.

Both Issues of Deep Cuts are so full of information that even had this horror fan going “I didn’t know that”. Deep Cuts are the definitive collection of everything horror. Come along as Palmer lets you in on his knowledge and reviews of films, video games and his life.

These guides cover some of horror’s favourite film creations. From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th to Christine and Night of the Living Dead.

Palmer immerses you in these films. Readers may feel as if they are on set watching things happen in real-time. The film’s background, plot, fallout and verdict all get covered in great detail. The main characters and the actors that play these characters also get their due diligence. Nothing gets overlooked when Bruce Palmer is on the case.

Video Games also get the “fully and completely” in-depth Palmer coverage. There are retro games like the unforgettable Sega Game called “Night Trap”. Some may recall this game as Different Stroke’s star Dana Plato was the main character. Well, get prepared to learn more than once thought possible about every aspect of this game. Don’t fret though newer games get coverage too. The first-person survival horror game Outlast for instance. Find out why Palmer states:

” Outlast is one of the first video games to literally, scare me and give me a palpable sense of anxiety in a very long time”.

There is so much packed into these pages (Volume #1 has 179 and Volume #2 has 184 pages. Not a piece of the page gets wasted.

Film gimmicks are also explored in this volume #2 and wow, this brought back some fond memories indeed. One thing is for sure Palmer knows his horror and he knows how to share it in a very informative and fun way.

Find out for yourselves why Bruce Palmer is the new “Guardian of the Grotesque”. Get these guides now for just $5/each over at and prepare to dive deep in Deep Cuts for hours.

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