MORBUS GRAVE Detail Debut Album; Release First Track, “Traumatic Malignancy”!

Italian death metal newcomers MORBUS GRAVE has released details around their debut album, Lurking Into Absurdity, which is due out on September 16th on Chaos Records. In conjunction with the release details, the band has also dropped the first single from the track entitled, “Traumatic Malignancy”. Get all the details below.

From The Press Release

Today, Chaos Records announces September 16th as the international release date for Morbus Grave‘s long-awaited debut album, Lurking Into Absurdity, on CD format. The vinyl LP version will be released in early 2023.

Formed in 2010 by and Erman, Morbus Grave‘s initial goal was to perform ancient death metal – and to this day, the band have never strayed from that. Due to lack of time, left the band and let Erman to continue the path by himself. In early 2015, Erman found the right replacement in Maso on guitars and bass and Pide Guts on drums

Building on that lineup, Morbus Grave‘s recordings came in earnest. First was the Throne of Disgust demo in 2016, after which time did Eros and Eddy join the band. A split with Lurking Terror followed in 2017. After a couple years of silence and yet more lineup changes, the grave was opened again, and out came the Awakening the Dead demo in 2019, which saw Johan join on guitar and Danny on drums. Later that year, the Abomination demo arrived, featuring this new lineup. However, following that demo’s release, Johan left the band and Magiko joined as his replacement. A split tape with Deathfucker followed at the beginning of 2020 and then the two-song Promo ’21, but at long last was Morbus Grave‘s lineup consistent.

Like the old tape-trading scene from which they sprang, Morbus Grave resurrect the spirit of OLD with their at-long-last debut album, Lurking Into Absurdity. Featuring eight songs across 38 minutes, Lurking Into Absurdity is a throwback to the early days of death metal, when the idiom but barely had a name, and only horror and headbanging mattered rather than record-collector categorization. And yet, with the emphasis squarely on simple-yet-strong songwriting and exquisitely articulate execution, Morbus Grave here forego the usual “old school” tropes and unselfconsciously focus on content instead of form. Thus, while Lurking Into Absurdity will hardly be the most “extreme” death metal record around – no strict blastbeats, no gurgling gore, no overdriven or ultra-compressed production – its commitment to timeless values (and solos!) puts it in rarefied company.

If the very early works of Possessed, Death, Canada’s Slaughter, Autopsy, and Sadistic Intent still ring true in the darkest of hearts, hear your favorite “new” old album with Morbus Grave‘s Lurking Into Absurdity!

Begin lurking with the brand-new track “Traumatic Malignancy” HERE at Chaos Records‘ Bandcamp.

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Morbus Grave’s Lurking Into Absurdity

1. Intro (The Curse) / Cerebral Cremation
2. Morbid Darkness
3. Morbus Grave
4. Traumatic Malignancy
5. Mangled
6. Profaner
7. Lurking Into Absurdity
8. Horrors from the Unknown


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