Fozzy’s New Album Boombox Is Radio Friendly Rock
  • FOZZY Lineup
  • Chris Jericho – Lead Vocals
  • Rich Ward – Guitar, Vocals
  • Billy Grey – Guitar
  • PJ Farley – Bass
  • Grant Brooks – Drums

    Fozzy is back with their eighth studio album “Boombox”. This is the follow-up to 2017’s album “Judas”. Beyond a collection of high-powered songs, the band welcomes new members P. J. Farley (Bass) and Grant Brooks (Drums).

    Fozzy has a knack for making a very radio-friendly collection of tunes and with “Boombox” they step this up even more. This album has pristine production and every bit of the music is calculated.

    Chris Jericho who also wrestles, acts and podcasts find the time to record an album and tour. The guy never rests and gives 100% with each one of his ventures. Well, it shows as Boombox is a collection of very strong songs musically and matches that with Jericho’s auto-tunish vocals.

    Musically, the album is more “hard rock” than “heavy metal”, but it incorporates elements of an industrial “synth” sound also. The guitar solos are here, the acoustic guitar is included in the balladesque “Army of One”.

    Many of the songs on Boombox won’t really stick in listeners’ minds, but with constant airplay, it is bound to happen. Many of the songs will get airplay and each has its own reason for existing, but the cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” is nauseating. It is a carbon copy of the original and doesn’t offer much other than it may make listeners seek out the original.

    “The worst is yet to come” and “The Vulture Club” should place higher on the tracklisting as both are just downright fantastic. Both songs have stingy guitar solos and a different feel than all the other radio-friendly rock songs.

    Fozzy’s BOOMBOX is a mixed bag of ultra-produced songs, but this isn’t necessarily bad, it just does not push the band to new areas.

Rating 2.7 out of 5
Review by: Chris Hammond

Boombox is out now on digital streaming platforms.

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