Two New Horror Graphic Novels, SUNLIGHT & BIKINI ATOLL Coming From Clover Press!

Clover Press will release two new terrifying graphic novels, SUNLIGHT and BIKINI ATOLL this June. Both will be hardcover editions and are written by Christophe Bec and illustrator Bernard Khattou. Get a peek at some artwork and more details down below after the jump.

From The Press Release

By Christophe Bec  Illustrated by Bernard Khattou

At the bottom of a chasm, no one can hear you scream.

Three young friends, Kevin, Carol, and Eva, who are passionate about caving, decide to explore the ruins of an abandoned mine. They discover, bathed in the light of dawn, a surreal setting to explore. As soon as they enter, they take a dizzying fall through a poorly sealed well. Now trapped at the bottom of an abyss where not a ray of light reaches, they have only one thing to do: wait for help and survive.

Victims of their anxiety, they begin to lose their bearings. Fear and madness set in, making it impossible to discern reality from illusion.

Sunlight tells an agonizing survival story penned by French screenwriter Christophe Bec and illustrated by Bernard Khattou.

Hardcover • B&W • 160 PAGES • $24.99



By Christophe Bec  Illustrated by Bernard Khattou

Bikini Atoll and its turquoise waters attract tourist and divers from all over the world. This celestial paradise has not only given its name to the world’s most famous bathing suit, but it was also used as a nuclear testing ground by the United States for over 40 years. Today the island’s unreachable crevasses and impenetrable forests conceal many mysteries and dangers!

Take a relaxing weekend trip to Bikini Atoll…if you dare!

Written and illustrated by the SUNLIGHT creative team, screenwriter Christophe Bec and artist Bernard Khattou.

Hardcover • 128 pages • B&W • $24.99

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