Trailer Reveal For CG-Animated Short Film “Surface Deep”

“Surface Deep” is a CG animated Short film created independently by students at Texas A&M University in the Department of Visualization. This is the largest student project to date from Texas A&M, with a total of ~30 students who have worked on the short. Below is our teaser trailer for the short.

“After a 2-year production period, we wrapped the project on May 5th, 2022. We are just now going through the paperwork of the AVPA (A&M Visual and Performing Arts) grant we received from our school to fund the distribution of our project at festivals. Once we do in the next day or so, I’ll apply to several festivals around the country and world and continue to do so as their submission windows open up. Festival circuits usually require the project to not be publicly available so the short will be limited to screenings in festivals for 8-10 months. In the end, we’ll submit our short to a free online distributor ie. “short of the week”, “CG Bros” etc so it’ll be publicly available!” John Donaldson (CG Layout / Technical Direction)

John Donaldson is a CG layout artist and recent graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Visualization. He also was a 2021 Summer PUP intern at Pixar Animation Studios.

After viewing the trailer for the stylistic short Surface Deep it’s apparent that this CGI short film looks to have a very captivating storyline with great production. Make sure to watch for more reveals and festival announcements as they become available.

The film was completed in May of 2022 and is currently on the festival circuit. Check back with this website for more news on a release date for public consumption.

John Donaldson Website
Texas A&M University

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