Tysondog Make A Statement With The New Album “Midnight”


2.It Lives03:54 
6.Dead Man Walking04:55 
7.Paper Cuts04:38 
8.Cold Day in Hell03:19 
9.Waiting for God04:18 

British Heavy Metal musicians Tysondog signed with Neat Records in the early ’80s. The band is from Wallsend, England. The original members of Tysondog are Alan Hunter (guitar/vocals), Paul Burdis (guitar), and Kevin Wynn (bass).1982 saw the band hit the clubs under the name “Orchrist”. The group found a record label in Neat, and soon after recruited the services of singer Clutch Carruthers and drummer Peter Reeve. Their first single, “Eat the Rich,” was in 1983.

The band built a following, but a setback happened when Clutch Carruthers is in an automobile accident. Recovery from the said crash and his resulting health issues slow their momentum. Carruthers remains the vocalist on three full-length albums, 1984: Beware of the Dog (Album, Neat Records) 1986: Crimes of Insanity (Album, Neat Records) and 2015: Cry Havoc (Album, Rock Sector). Tysondog would step away from music in 1987 when the band is dissolves.

This was not the end though, they regrouped in 2008 which saw the exit of Rob Walker on drums and Alan Hunter on Guitar. Their replacements see Philip Brewis and Steven Morrison join the fold. 2014 Tysondog would once again have a record deal, this time with Rocksector Records. Singer Carruthers, bassist Wynn, guitarist Burdis, drummer Phil Brewis and guitarist Stevie Morrison.

Another lineup change in 2017 sees Carruthers and sees a vocalist from France named “Blik” act as stand-in. Clutch would make plans for a retun to the band and record another album in 2019. Covid popped up in the World and Clutch’s health would once again be a factor. 2022 the album “Midnight” gets a release on From The Vaults (with Clutch Cathuthers returning one last time to vocal duties). In the past couple of weeks of 2022, Tysondog has introduced Alan Ross (son of Brian Ross of the band Satan) as their new vocalist just and will be fronting the band when the band returns to touring.

Tysondog’s fifth album “Midnight” is a powerful mix of NWOBHM and modern metal. Clutch Carruthers’s Vocals are on point. Musically the band misses no beats and continues to impress. This is at the forefront of the songs “It Lives” and “Defiant”. The lead-off track “Battalion” is full of metal guitar runs, tempo changes, guitar solos and marching style drumming. This song is the perfect introduction to the new version of Tysondog.

The band isn’t afraid to get groovy and heavy with “Hellbound”. This one has an intense bass and drum section that sticks out. Although at times Carruthers sounds uncannily like a more baritone Rob Halford, his style is his own and really shines in songs like “Midnight”, “Papercuts” and “Cold Day in Hell”.

Tysondog with the album makes a statement and can best be described in lyrics from their song “Dead man walking”
I’ll never stop, I won’t give it up”.
The band has a new birth from the metal gods and here’s hoping we will get new material for many years to come.

Review by: Chris Hammond
Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0
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If you are in the UK the band is out on tour now. Check their website for all touring dates.

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