2 Shadows Step Into The Darkness With The New Album “Bring The Cold Inside”

2 Shadows – Bring The Cold Inside (2022)
Label – Rock Shop Records
Style: Heavy Metal, Modern Metal

Review by : Chris Hammond

The Band Members:
Glen Bridden (Lead Vocals)
Tryst Germaine (Guitars)
James Holder (Guitars)
Mitch Harsch (Drums)


2 Shadows is a four-piece Metal band based out of Vancouver, Canada, consisting of members Glen Bridden (Lead Vocals), Tryst Germaine (Guitars), James Holder (Guitars), and Mitch Harsch (Drums).

The band was founded in 2015 and since then they have been honing their craft with extreme concentration. They take influence from other rockers such as Slipknot, Rammstein, Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria, Bad Omens and Avenged Sevenfold. 2 Shadows is a combination of the most modern-sounding Metal while also incorporating visually theatrical imagery, creating a duality that is the core essence of the band.

Lead Vocalist, Glen Bridden comments on the band’s live shows:
“Our live show is just as important to us as our music. We try to make our live show a visual representation of our music. We are constantly building and evolving our stage show so our fans can always expect something different and exciting!”

2018 saw the Vancouver-based band head out on a National Tour which lead to many new fans. This led the band to start work on a new EP with help in the studio from Singer/Songwriter/Producer/The Veer Union Frontman, Crispin Earl, to streamline/evolve the band’s sound and bring it to a larger audience.

Bring the Cold Inside offers listeners a chance to hear the audio side of the band. The seven-song album offers an array of sounds balancing new metal, heavy metal and at times even an industrial feel.
The lead-off track “Keep Breathing” is a collaborative song with the help of band members from The Word Alive. This helps the song feel metalcore while still powering ahead with melodic vocals and guttural screams. The musicality in the song feels very polished, while still getting dirty when it needs to.

The second song on the album “Blackened Wings” lights an ignition of adrenaline and is led by the drum and bass lines that really stick out. This is one angry mf’er and still incorporates elements that would allow for mass consumption.
“Screamworks” starts off with piano keys and quickly powers ahead into clean and dirty vocals. The guitar and drum work on this song is relentless and works so well with the vocals. The lyrics are interesting on this one too, enjoy the bipolar musicality of the band firing on all pistons.

The lead-off single “Scratching the Surface” sees the band join forces with members of The Veer Union to produce a collaboration that really sticks the landing. The band works best when vocal duties are shared amongst many different people offering a magnitude of layers.

Righteous Vendetta lends their talents to the cover of Greenday’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and the results are something pretty special. This cover completely reverses the sound of the Greenday classic and makes it a must-listen. This is what fans want when they hear a cover song. They get the meat and potatoes of the original but seen through different eyes, and it works so well. It is heavy hard fast and just downright great.

The final two songs on the album are “The Devils Target” and an acoustic version of “Scratching the Surface” both of which are worthy inclusions but not as memorable as what came before them.

2Shadows have definitely honed their craft over the last few years and made a sound of their own. The album Bring the Cold Inside spotlights their tedious work to create a sound which is not only heavy but also widely accessible to many fans of different genres of music. The band knows when to get loud and nasty, but also likes to show a softer side. The additional talents on songs really make things interesting. Moving ahead it would be nice to see more collaborations without losing the 2Shadow style of music.
2 Shadows are a talented group of musicians who have a style of their own. The songs are fast and exciting and the band is readied to break out.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 Shadows

2Shadows Website
Catch the band out on Tour

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