Death Denied’s “Through Waters, Through Flames album, Is Worth The Wait!

Death Denied – Through Waters, Through Flames (2022)
Label: Sarcophagus Records
Style: Southern Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

The Band :
Rafał ‘Gecko’ Powązka – lead vocals, guitars
Marek ‘Kiemon’ Kiemona – guitars, additional vocals
Jakub ‘Vincent’ Wincencjusz – bass, additional vocals
Wiktor ‘Wicia’ Nestorko – drums, keyboards, additional vocals


1.The Apostate Soul05:22
2.High Priestess of Down Low 03:59
3.Lesser Daemons 05:57
4.Carnage 03:12
5.The Machine 03:55
6.Behind the Surreal 03:22
7.Smoke, Soot and Solitude 05:42
8.Concrete Cathedrals 02:45
9.Celestial Choir 04:50
10.Nocturnal 08:29

Death Denied is a southern metal band from Lodz, Poland. They formed in May 2009, that same year the band released their first demo tape entitled ‘Booze’N’Roll’. 2010 saw the band record their version of ‘Tired of Being Alive’ on Fox Records ‘Dark Side of The Blues – A Tribute to Danzig’. The band has two full-length albums which include 2014’s ‘Transfuse the Booze’ and 2018’s ‘A Prayer to the Carrion Kind’
Death Denied is one of the word of mouth bands. The band’s home turf is in Poland, but their musical influences are as far from Poland as possible. They play a mixture of Hard/Southern Rock which sounds like Corrosion of Conformity with elements of The Black Label Society. This isn’t to say that they don’t have their style, but they lean on the Southern rock roots.

The first song ‘The Apostate Soul’ cuts in the band grab hold of the listener’s ears and make them take notice. This song combines elements of blues and rock with precision. ‘High Priestess of Down Low’ is much more thrash-oriented with the tempo/groove ramping up the speed. The third song is the polar opposite of what the second song offers. ‘Lesser Daemons’is a bluesy rock affair with the vocals even reminiscent of a ZZ Top song. This song does change tempo a few times throughout with a stunning guitar solo.

This album even offers a few elements of Alice in Chains with ‘Behind the Surreal’, although sounding more Death Denied when finished. ‘Concrete Cathedrals’ is fast, groovy and at its heart Southern Metal through and through.

“Through Waters, Through Flames” is a conglomeration of different musical styles brought together by a talented group of musicians. The album is like a train full of well-crafted songs that fuel this magnificent beast down the tracks. Death Denied knows its musical identity and never falters from that which is a great thing for fans of the band and music in general. Sit Back push play and get on board because this is a hell of a ride.

Through Waters, Through Flames is out now and purchased digitally and on CD.
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Review by: Chris Hammond
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Southern Metal Gods

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