Hero Complex Gallery Show Off WonderCon Print Releases

WonderCon 2022 edition starts with a bang thanks to Hero Complex Gallery and its horror-themed releases. Hero Complex is offering collectors a chance to get some very cool print art right now. Here are just a few of the prints, and fine art Giclees that are available in limited quantities, while supplies last.

Melvin Mango shows off his take on Jason Voorhees with “A New Dimension in Terror”. This screenprint is limited to 95 and has dimensions of 18″x24″. This Spectacular Slasher print is selling for $40 USD/Shipping.

Nick Charge shows his fascination for that furry mogwai with two offerings in “Gizmo Triumphant” (pictured below) and “Gizmo Overcome”. Both of these collectibles are Fine Art Giclee prints and are limited to 135 for each release. Both versions are available in 16″x24″ ($45 USD) and 24″x36″ ($65 USD).

Robin Springett takes on the cult horror/action film Big Trouble in Little China with “Stand Off“. This Fine Art Giclee is a “limited edition” of 350 and is sized at 12″x18″. Bring home, Jack Burton, for $30 USD/Shipping.

Other available arts include The Abyss-inspired “One way-ticket” by Barret Chapman, “Afterlife” by Yvan Quinet and many other exciting and obscure releases. Head over to Hero Complex Gallery now to pick up one truly cool collectible(s).

Hero Complex Gallery Website

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