Nekrogoblikon OOze Goblin Metal Greatness On The New Album “The Fundamental Slimes and Humours”

Nekrogoblikon – The Fundamental Slimes and Humours
Where to buy the album:
Style: Death Metal, Goblin Metal, Melodic Death Metal


1.Right Now 03:33
2.Golden Future 03:31
3.Yin 02:40
4.Supernovas (Exploding in Space) 04:21
5.Bones 04:09
6.Going to Die 05:16
7.A Lesson in Hate 04:23
8.This Is It 04:00
9.Fancy Wind 03:39
10.Carousels 04:23
11.No Such Thing As a Key 05:51

Nekrogoblikon is:
Nicky Calonne – Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Samples
Alex Alereza – Guitars
Aaron Minich – Keyboards
Joe Nelson – Guitars
Aaron VanZutphen – Bass
Eric W. Brown – Drums

Are you ready for a good time? well, Nekrogoblikon never disappoints. This time around they offer up a bevy of hard rock, comedic metal, synth metal and pretty much anything from the metal genre on the new album The Fundamental Slimes and Humours. This L.A based band runs the gambit of musicality with humour and parody at the forefront. The band are true musicians though and these eleven tracks show everything they touch does not turn to dust but shatters into a billion bits of crushing chords and glorious goblin vocals.

The album starts off with the heavily influenced Nu-Metal track “Right now” and goes straight into the Sythen-heavy track with an ultra-catchy chorus in “Golden Future”. From here the full tilt “Yin” offers headbangers a track full of bloody guitar strings and damaged vocal cords at a ludicrous speed.

Supernovas (Exploding in Space)” is an odd alternative universe-sounding Red Hot Chilli peppers groove-heavy, synth-smashing mishmash of sounds. The vocals are actually the most laidback. This is one to listen to while spiralling out into space, not the best track ever, but not the worst either.

“Bones” is one song that sticks in your brain meat for days. Its heavy sound and catchy chorus beg for listeners to sing along and let out their inner goblins!. The vocals are a band affair and it’s just a fun one, probably the stand-out song on the album. The lyrics to “Going to Die” might sound harsh and depressing:
I’m trying to live a better life
I’m trying to live, I’m trying to
Just when I think life ain’t so bad
I’m going to die
I’m going to

You would think the music would be a sad affair, but no in true Nekrogoblikon form, it’s fun and upbeat. trumpets, grooving bass lines and even a ska style breakdown are all enveloped in this song. Book these guys for interventions or funerals and there will be dancing and fun, even at such a sober outing.

There are a number of carnival corpse-grinding melodies with splashes of symphonic greatness among the songs on the album. In “A lesson in Hate” and “Carousels”, John Goblikon is strong with these ones. Channelling the symphonic black metal gods, “This is it” is more than just the lead single, this one is a charmer and has one of the best videos I’ve seen in ages.

Nekrogoblikon can possibly rework any style of music into their songs and “Fancy Wind” is a different style of song for them, think Rivers Cuomo doing LSD with a sprinkling of Pixies and you have a hit.

Finally, this leads the listeners to the final song on the album (say it isn’t so). “No Such Thing as a Key” is a slower tempo, but no less impressive. It’s a good way to introduce new Goblins to the Nekrogoblikon, then ease them into heavier songs. This one has a chorus for the ages and is a strong, strong way to end on.

The album is available now (April 1) on CD, Streaming, Digital Download and Vinyl. Go check out what all the Goblins are talking about and pick up The Fundamental Slimes and Humours now, right now!

Stream the album here and or purchase a copy here, be sure to also give the band a follow on Social Media too.
Rating 5 out of 5 Goblikons

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