Megadeth and Lamb of God release Wake Up Dead Cover Song

Today of all days the band decide to release a reworked/cover version of Megadeth’s 1986 classic of the Peace Sells… but who’s buying album. This version is even more hard-hitting than the original and Mustaine and Blythe’s vocals are on point. Personally, I would love to see more with these two bands working together which could happen as they are on tour right now on The Metal Tour of the year with Trivium and In Flames as supporting acts.

“The first leg of the Metal Tour of the Year back in 2021 was a total blast, and we’re about to take it on the road again,” Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe said. “What better way to kick it off than a little inter-band jam session? All nine members of Megadeth and Lamb of God are on the thrash classic ‘Wake Up Dead.’ Turn it up, and we’ll see you on the road!” (source

By:Chris Hammond

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