Bastardane Smack Of Success On Their Debut Album

Review of digital stream via Deezer by: Chris Hammond

Bastardane – Is This Rage? (2022)
Style: Stoner/Sludge Metal


1.Above All 03:00
2.Praise No Bliss 05:44
3.Gaslight 03:33
4.Chum 04:56
5.Revolt 03:05
6.Let the Wasted Die 03:17
7.Imposter 03:56
8.The Cavalier 05:44
9.Ad Infinitum 01:35
10.Faint-Hearted Soul 04:38

Jake Dallas (bass, vocals), Ethan Sirotzki (guitar) and Castor Hetfield (drums, backing vocals).

Bastardane on the surface might just seem like a band of rich kids attempting to find a hobby, but once the first song “Above all” hits listeners will realize that this is much more than a hobby to these guys.

The band does already have some fanfare from Metallica fans as James Hetfield’s 21-year-old son Castor takes on drumming and backing vocal duties. Although there are times their sound harkens back to early Metallica, these guys steer into a heavy sludge, stoner style reminiscent of the nineties sound which Corrosion of conformity made popular.

The sludge is heavy with the song “Praise no bliss” even at times mixing in RATM riffs, but then quickly shifting to down and dirty laid back metal. Vocalist/Bassist Jake Dallas has a lower baritone style which works to keep listeners engaged. Musically, Bastardane’s talents shine bright and although Southern-Sludge and Stoner are the main musical styles they go to, the band also knows how to create a softer ballad song (ala Metallica). Songs like “The Cavalier” and “Faint-Hearted Soul” are great examples of this style (the vocals sometimes even sound like Glenn Danzig is belting them out).

The song “Revolt” is one that sticks out the most as sounding Metallica circa Ride the Lightning. The fact that it is instrumental just gives it even more of a kick of ‘Tallica.

Bastardane is a talented group of young musicians and has gathered ten solid tracks to let listeners feast upon. The album Are you Rage showcases many different musical styles while also showing off top-notch lyrics. The band isn’t just in it for fun, but they do have fun and hopefully explore even more genres on their next release.

Look for Bastardane in May at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival, which is co-headlined by Metallica. Check out more from the band on Instagram and on their Website.

Rating: 4 out of 5 YeeeYeahs

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