Comic Crypt: DYNAMITE COMICS OUT MARCH 9 – Draculina #2 / Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Bigfoot Hardcover / Elvira Meets Vincent Price #5 / Evil Ernie (Vol. 4) #4

Draculina #2

writer: Christopher Priest

artist: Michael Sta. Maria

covers: Collette Turner (A), Rose Besch (B), Guillem March (C), Rafael Kayanan (D), Panda Valentine Cosplay (E), Rachta Lin (F), Rafael Kayanan (G-RI/BW), Guillem March (H-RI/BW), Rose Besch (I-RI/BW)

FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

Draculina’s secret origin begins in an ancient tower more than four centuries ago where her mother Lilith, desperate to free her people from ruthless oppressors, made a deal with the demon Belial to bear his children. Now, as Katie—Draculina’s human alter-ego—lays dying, the mystery of Draculina’s two lives is revealed as two sides of the same woman struggle for control. Meanwhile Belial, now retired from the demon business, has been alerted to Draculina’s presence in this prime reality, and seeks to regain control over his rebellious stepchild.

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Bigfoot Hardcover

writer: Jim Butcher & Mark Powers

artist: Joseph Cooper

covers: Christian McGrath

FC | 120 pages | Urban Fantasy | $24.99 | Teen+

Harry Dresden, Is working for Bigfoot. Three hard to find Dresden short stories reimagined and interwoven with additional material to make a wholly original graphic novel story featuring Harry taking on a case and going under cover to watch over Irwin Pounder, Bigfoots Scion.

Featuring a cover by Chris McGrath the current Dresden Files prose cover artist.

Don’t miss this sixth all-new graphic novel story set in the official Dresden Files continuity and exclusive to Dynamite.

* Jim Butcher is a New York Times bestselling author, whose Dresden Files novel series have sold millions of copies, and produced related graphic novels, roleplaying games, and a 2007 television series on the Sci-Fi Channel.

* Butcher has written 17 novels set in the Dresden Files universe, plus a number of short stories

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #5

writer: David Avallone

artist: Juan Samu

covers: Dave Acosta (A), Juan Samu (B), Anthony Marques, J.Bone (C), Photo (D), Photo (E-RI/BW), Juan Samu (F-RI/Line Art), 
Dave Acosta (G-RI/Line Art)

FC | 32 pages | Horror, Comedy | $3.99 | Teen+

A famous “scream queen” actress is missing, and Elvira and Vincent Price join forces again to find her… even if it means literally breaking the fourth wall, and entering the world of a slasher movie. Can the Mistress of the Dark save the Final Girl before a sadistic director traps her forever in a digital nightmare? Meta-thrills, chills and bad puns from writer David Avallone (Bettie Page, Drawing Blood) and Juan Samu! 

And the mistress of the dark has never looked better under this busty bevy of covers: Acosta! Samu! Marques/Bone and a photo of the lady herself!

Evil Ernie (Vol. 4) #4

writer: Scott Lobdell

artist: Ariel Medel

covers: Arthur Suydam (A), Philip Tan (B), Philip Tan (C-RI/BW), Arthur Suydam (D-RI/BW), Philip Tan (E-RI/Virgin) 

FC | 32 pages | Horror | $3.99 | Teen+

Hell is Hot. Really, Really Hot. But, Ernie is hotter. It’s also been said that Hell is cold. Really, Really Cold. Not Cool, but Cold. You know what else wasn’t cool? Ernest Gleckman…. Our  hero — fighting the very definition of a raging inner demon. These two are gonna have to work something out, especially in light of the fact that there’s a girl involved…  Evil Ernie first appeared in December 1991! Celebrate 30 years of CHAOS!

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