Korn – Requiem (2022)

Korn – Requiem (2022)
Label: Loma Vista
Style: Nu-Metal

CD Copy review by Chris Hammond


1.Forgotten 03:17
2.Let The Dark Do The Rest 03:39
3.Start The Healing 03:28
4.Lost In The Grandeur 03:50
5.Disconnect 03:26
6.Hopeless And Beaten 03:59
7.Penance To Sorrow 03:20
8.My Confession 03:34
9.Worst Is On Its Way 04:03

Band Members

Korn on their Fourteenth studio album continues to evolve musically. The band’s new release Requiem has all the angst, pain and power of what fans expect, but it also has a more refined musical emotion that lets the lyrics/music take center stage. Sure fans still get that ultimate Nu Metal sound, but they also get an album that leans more to the alternative side of the musical genre.

Korn has always been a musical comfort food of sorts, have a bad day throw on Korn and get that anger out. On Requiem, there is less anger and more of a band that has a better way of dealing with the darkness. Don’t worry though there is still that edge and anger in the belly of the band. Songs like “Worst is on the way”, “My Confession” and “Start the Healing” still thump hard. The fact is Davis and band members still put emotion into the craft but in a way that may bring in a whole new audience to their music. The songs “Let the Dark do the Rest” and “Lost in the Grandeur” have the Korn sound, but the vocals and music don’t feel as dark as the lyrics. Maybe, the band doesn’t need that constant darkness looming to create a masterpiece anymore. The Lyrics for Lost in Grandeur in particular are telling “Help me find my way, I know this all sounds so cliche, but I’ve done everything you say, I’m so fed up with who I betray, I’m lost in the Grandeur”. Fighting inner demons doesn’t always have to be war and can become easier when you can accept them. Korn as a band has had many inner demons and the battles have fans clamouring for more, but with age comes realizations and possibly wisdom.

The nine tracks on Requiem are perfect individually and together. Korn has always told a story with their music and Requiem is no different. The album is still dark, but maybe more of an understanding of the dark is what we are seeing now. This is a mature Korn album by guys who can write a Nu Metal album and still keep it fresh. Personally, this album really hits home with me and I think it will with many people in the Korn fanbase. One thing of note too is that Fieldy’s bass slapping strings are absent which could be why the songs also sound very different.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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