Scream Maker – Bloodking (2022) Album Review

Scream Maker – Bloodking (2022)
Label: Independent
Music Style: Heavy Metal
Band members: Sebastian Stodolak – vocals/ Michał Wrona – guitars/

Jan Radosz – bass guitar /Tomek Sobieszek – drums

2.Mirror, Mirror 04:03
4.When Our Fight is Over
5.End of the World 04:45
6.Scream Maker
7.Hitting the Wall
8.Join the Mob 04:38
9.Die in Me
11.Tears of Rage
13.Candle in the Wind
14.Brand New Start
15.Too Late

Scream Maker is a heavy metal band based in Warsaw, Poland and established in 2010. The band has three CDs already under their belt and plays live shows nonstop in Central Europe and China.
They are considered to be torchbearers of Polish heavy metal. The crew cooperated with, inter alia, Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints, Jorn Lande), Rosław Szaybo (graphic designer for Judas Priest) and opened or shared the stage with: Motorhead, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Slayer, Saxon, Black Label Society, Korn, Primal Fear, Paul Di’Anno, Tim Ripper Owens, Blaze Bayley, Turbo and many more.

Scream Maker is also known for organizing Doładowanie Fest, a festival promoting young bands, or 4 editions of „King of Rock and Roll”, a show dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. Scream Maker songs have been aired on various nation vide radio channels: Antyradio, PR4, PR3,

Blood King is my first introduction to this band, but I do intend and go back and purchase their other albums. I was trying to figure out where to start with this review, do I break down the songs and review each one, do I do a broad overview of the album as a whole or do I just tell the readers that this is already the brightest spot for heavy metal in the past three years and beyond?

Well, by that last comment I guess it shows I’m going to be a lifelong fan of these guys. The minute I started up the first song I knew this was going to be a special ride. Invitation is simply an intro, but it has crackling thunder, metal being hammered and a galloping guitar sequence. The intro leads into one of the strongest metal songs in years. Mirror, Mirror the aforementioned first song on the album is simply timeless. It is a song that could fit into the ’70s, 80’s, 90’s and now. Vocals by Stodolak are so on point that listeners may think they are listening to a band that has been around for decades. His voice is melodic and majestic. Vocals throughout the album move between Dio, Halford and even Geoff Tate (ex-Queensryche). The thing is there are elements of all these singers vocals in Stodolak, but he is very unique in the way that his singing is his own (I know this might sound a tad confusing, but listening to him sing is a thing of utter beauty).

The songs are all-powerful, not a weak tempo or chorus in the lot. Guitars by Wrona are expertly in tune and solos and riffs are awe-inspiring. Bass by Radosz and drums by Sobieszek are all professionally done and add to the musical experience that listeners won’t soon forget. A perfect example of the bands musical gelling can be heard in the song “When our fight is over” (listen for the finger-blistering guitar shredding it the latter part of the song.

2022 is off to a great start musically, thanks to four mammoth heavy metal lads from Poland. Horns up!
Rating: Heavy Metal gods 15 out of 10 (this one cannot be missed)

Scream Maker Website
Scream Maker Facebook
Scream Maker Bandcamp

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