GWAR’S New Album “The New Dark Ages” and Graphic Novel “In The Duoverse of Absurdity” Invades Earth June 3

GWAR have set their intergalactic sites on Earth once again and have readied to invade your earholes and eyeholes with their new album “The New Dark Ages” and Graphic Novel “GWAR: In The Duoverse of Absurdity” on June 3rd on CD and Digital, and on September 16th on Vinyl and Cassette via GWAR’s own label Pit Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.

The album is a concept in the way that it is tied to a companion graphic novel, “GWAR In the Duoverse of Absurdity,” which will be released by Z2 Comics on June 3rd. The graphic novel sees the band sucked into an alternate universe where they do battle with their evil twins (and the specter of rogue technology). On “The New Dark Ages” sees the gruesome gang drive on through a musical kaleidoscope of hard driving heavy metal, and rock and roll. They build on their hilarious mythos, by introducing cool new characters and cataloging mankind’s hapless abandonment of their passions, rituals, and beliefs (pretty cool eh?).

The Berserker Blóthar says: “This is the greatest rock record of all time. These are the songs for a new age, a New Dark Age, when men live by the dimming light of technology destined to betray them. Listen, as we have a rock and roll orgy in the ruins of the world to celebrate humanity’s descent into an age of darkness, disease, ignorance, and death.”

GWAR in the graphic novel- “the Duoverse of Absurdity” chronicles the epic battle between GWAR and their evil twins from an alternate universe that the band discovers behind their treasured Magic Mirror. The novel uses an ingenious storytelling technique that combines words and pictures to bring forth a graphic story. Illustrated by the masterful talents of Andy MacDonald (Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Wonder Woman), Shane White (Things Undone, Braun, Endless Summer), Matt Maguire (GWAR) and Bob Gorman (GWAR). Z2 Comics (Judas Priest, Dio, Anthrax) have teamed up with GWAR to produce what will surely be known as the ultimate illustrated saga of the beloved Scumdogs of the Duoverse.

This was the most utterly engrossing book I’ve ever read! I couldn’t wait until I’d read what was on the page before I was compelled to turn it! This had the one element that is missing in so many so-called literary masterpieces: It was about me!” – Bälsäc The Jaws ‘o Death

GWAR has made sure that this story is a full-throttle hysterical ride into tipping every sacred cow possible and I consider it an honor to help bring this chapter of the band’s legacy to fetid, pulsing, life.” –Rantz Hoseley, editor Z

The New Dark Ages” is available for pre-order on cassette, CD, and multiple different colors of vinyl (whiskey, sunbolt and black/gold marble) and the graphic novel as both soft and hard cover. Bundles are available including ones with Blóthar bobbleheads and a very unique Beefcake helmet. See them all right here!

Do not wait to pre-order a bundle today (some of them are selling out fast)
Z2 Comics has the bundles of the graphic novel, album and more right here

GWAR Website
Z2 Comics Website

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