Comic Crypt: DYNAMITE COMICS OUT JANUARY 19 – KISS: Phantom Obsession #5 / Purgatori #4

KISS: Phantom Obsession #5

writer: Ian Edginton

artist: Celor

covers: Jae Lee (A), Stuart Sayger (B), Tim Seeley (C), Celor (D),

Photo (E), Jae Lee (F-RI/Line Art), Stuart Sayger (G-RI/Line Art),

Tim Seeley (H-RI/Line Art), Jae Lee (I-RI/Line Art Virgin)

FC | 32 pages | Horror, Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

KISS has faced it all: megalomaniacs, giant monsters and robots, killer android… and that’s all been in the first 4 issues of this series! Now, as it all comes to a cymbal-smashing conclusion, can the greatest Rock N’ Roll band in the world survive the final showdown the mastermind behind it all?

Led by Jae Lee, this issue also features amazing covers by Tim Seeley, Series artist Celor and another glorious photo of the bad itself – KISS!

Purgatori #4

writer: Ray Fawkes

artist: Alvaro Sarraseca

covers: Antonio Fuso (A), Szymon Kudranski (B), Russell Fox (C), Nerdy Nereid Cosplay (D), Szymon Kudranski (E-RI/BW), Russell Fox (F-RI/BW), Russell Fox (G-RI/Virgin), Szymon Kudranski (H-RI/Virgin)

FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

Purgatori! She’s got the memories of thousands of people in her head! But who is she, really? She might be able to figure it out if only people would stop trying to kill her, eat her, become her, conquer her, feed themselves to her, die in entertaining ways, all of the above… literally ALL the time. But maybe that’s… someone’s plan? Maybe if she stops and thinks, everyone’s in real trouble. Let’s find out! IN THIS ISSUE.

Vampirella Holly Golightly #1 Crowdfunder Exclusive Cover

writer: J.R. Cochran, Gardner Fox, Don Glut, Wally Wood, Nicola Cuti, Tom Sutton, Bill Parente

artist: Jose Gonzales, Jerry Grandenetti, Neal Adams, Wally Wood, Jack Sparling, Tom Sutton, David Siclair

cover: Holly Golightly 

66 pages | Collectible | $100.00 | Teen+

Special exclusive “Magazine-Sized” edition Vampirella cover by fan-favorite painter, Holly Golightly! Read where it all began in this special issue featuring several classic Vampirella tales from the original “Vampirella Magazine” including her origin story and faithful reproduction of original ads and info pages!

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