Love Italian Horror? Check Out This Upcoming Project From CreatorVC

From the good people over at CreatorVC check this out if you love Italian horror films!

“Horror fans, we need your help! As part of our ‘Community First’ promise, we’re looking to you to help us validate and shape our future projects. Below, we’ve shared early details of the first of these proposed projects, Nightmare Industry, and we need your feedback!

Produced by CREATORVC in partnership with acclaimed author and journalist Eugenio Ercolani (Darkening The Italian Screen) and filmmaker Phillip Escott (The Found Footage Phenomenon), Nightmare Industry will chart the rise and fall of Italian Horror, one of the wildest, goriest, and most unforgettable regional horror booms in the history of the genre! Get involved below to let us know what you think about this project!”

Your opinion matters: this project will only be greenlit if we get enough positive feedback from the community. Watch the Q&A video, read the treatment, then let us know what you think using the embedded form below!
Nightmare Industry Webpage

7-Day Fan Consultation Ends 24th January

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