Ice Peak Hate – Five O’Clock Circle Pit (3 tracks) 2022

Ice Peak Hate – Five O’Clock Circle Pit 2022 (3 track release)
Label: Independent
Music Style: Metal/Groove/Industrial/Hardcore

Band Members :
Serge Baranov – Drums
Dimitry Adamyan – Guitars, Vox
Alex Yakymov – Guitars

1.Five O’Clock Circle Pit04:19 
2.Appeal to Ignorance (2022 Version)04:06 
3.Five O’Clock Circle Pit (Oldschool Union Remix)04:12 

The band hails from Odessa, Ukraine and as a trio have been putting out music since their first release in April 2016, entitled “Appeal to Ignorance”.

Although their roots are musically metal they don’t label the band under just one style. This three-song release is actually just a new single ” Five O’Clock Circle Pit” with the inclusion of two remixed older releases.
This is what the band had to say about this release with the two reworked songs

“Originally the title track’s name was our internal joke that eventually went out of control. As a result, it pretty much describes and symbolizes the bond between any band and the appreciative crowd that goes crazy to its music live. The time reference is obviously related to the ‘five o’clock tea’ tradition, supposedly suggesting that there should always be a spot in everyone’s schedule for a nice and devastating circle pit.

As in the case with our previous release, we strongly believe that releasing just one song even for a single doesn’t provide enough fun, so here goes.

First, this lead to a crazy and really unexpected collaboration – the like-minded fellas from the other side of the music spectrum, Finnish EBM duo ‘Oldschool Union’ were happy to make an outstanding minimal remix for ‘Five O’Clock Circle Pit’ in the old school EBM style.

You may listen to the final result yourselves – while maintaining the overall vibe of the song, it simultaneously sounds exactly like the original and nothing like the original! Kudos to the guys and we’re sending a ton of appreciation their way, this remix turned out to be a real banger!

Second, we have re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered our older track ‘Appeal to Ignorance’, so it sounds along the same lines as other tracks”. 

The first thing that is evident when listening to the new song is the heavy hardcore sound. The song begins with a heavy groove bassline and does not let up for the entirety of the song. Alex Yakymov is devastating divine on the guitar and the solos are delicious. Dimitry Adamyan does not only offer growling vox vocals but also contributes to the godlike guitars on this track. Finally, Serge Baranov drums like a warrior, the groove with this trio are relentless and I gobbled it up and asked for seconds.

The second song “Appeal to Ignorance (2022 Version)” is just as heavy, but with an inclusion of a more metal/thrash sound to this song. I must admit I’ve never heard the original version of this song and I probably never will as this feels like the definitive version of the song.

The “Five O’Clock Circle Pit (Oldschool Union Remix)” is something completely different and honestly sounds more like a My life with the thrill kill Kult release. It is something different from the original indeed, so much so I didn’t believe it was the same band. It’s not a horrible remix at all just very different.

Overall, I am pleased with the direction this band is going and can not wait for their full-length album release scheduled for “sometime this year 2022”.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Circle pits

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