Look For The New Horror/Thriller Ditched January 18th on VOD

Director: Christopher Donaldson Writer: Christopher Donaldson Producer: Mark Sommer Cast: Marika Sila, Mackenzie Gray, J. Lindsay Robinson, and Kris Loranger Genre: Horror | Thriller | Independent Run Time: 86 Minutes
Distributor: Dread

Ditched Synopsis:
Melina, a paramedic, wakes up in an overturned ambulance with no memory of the accident. She is trapped in the woods with two prisoner medical transfers and the police escort team, and they are all desperate to escape. The group quickly discovers that they are the victims of an ambush with the perpetrators hunting them down one by one.
DITCHED is directed by Christopher Donaldson and stars Marika Sila (The Twilight Zone), Mackenzie Gray (Legion), J. Lindsay Robinson, and Kris Loranger.

DITCHED will be available on VOD on January 18 and on Blu-ray on February 15th, 2022.

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