MARK OF THE WEREWOLF Drops Official Trailer!

Wolfbain Productions & Star Wizard Films, LLC announce the release of the live-action horror feature – MARK OF THE WEREWOLF! A classic werewolf movie for a new generation. The movie is in the middle of production with a planned October 2022 release. The film features incredible practical FX with a very cool werewolf suit. You can watch the official trailer along with more info about the film down below.

From The Press Release

Susquehanna, PA and Denver, CO, Wednesday, December 15th, 2021 – Joe DeMuro of Wolfbain Productions, and Dennis Vincent of Star Wizard Films, LLC are pleased to announce the release of “Mark of the Werewolf” for October 2022.

Logline: She warned them…

Short Synopses: A group of city dwellers unwittingly face a deadly werewolf at a countryside cottage.

Synopses: Three fashion models from New York City, along with their photographer, set off for a photo session at a cottage in the countryside. Its former owner, Zelda, feels her property was taken from her unfairly and vows revenge. Through her supernatural powers, she conjures up a werewolf who kills anyone who sets foot on the property. The unsuspecting trio and their friends party through the night, unaware of deadly beast that awaits them.

“Mark of the Werewolf” was written and being directed by Dennis Vincent. “The Witch’s Dungeon:40 Years of Chills” 2006 (Writer/Producer/Director). “The Aurora Monsters” 2010 (Writer/Producer/Director). Rondo Award for best independent film. “Rage of the Mummy” 2018 (Writer/Producer/Director). In 2008 Mr. Vincent was inducted into The Rondo Hatton Awards, Monster Kid Hall of Fame for 2007.

Producing partner Joe DeMuro is a filmmaker based in the northern, Pennsylvania, upstate New York area. “Demon Messenger” 2012 (Producer). “Tales of Dracula” 2015 (Producer/Director). “Tales of Dracula II 2022 (Producer/Director). Joe is a creature actor, and did so in everyone of the his fore mentioned films. And “Mark of the Werewolf” is no exception, not surprisingly he plays the role of the werewolf.

Makeup FX and the werewolf suit on the film is being handled by Kevon Ward. He appeared on two seasons of Face Off.

“Mark of the Werewolf” being filmed in upstate New York, Pennsylvania and in Colorado. Filming will wrap at the end of the Summer of 2022. And be released in October 2022.

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  1. Daniel Haynes // December 16, 2021 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    I absolutely LOVED DeMuro’s “Tales Of Dracula” (2015) and am greatly anticipating his sequel “Tales Of Dracula II: Dracula Meets The Wolfman”. From reading the synopsis and viewing the trailer, I feel Mr. DeMuro has latched onto another winner!!!

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