Hero Complex Gallery Spreads Some Christmas Cheer With Krampus

Hero Complex Gallery is ready for the Holiday season with its release of a Krampus poster by Casey Callender. This “limited edition” art giclee print (based on the film of the same name) is available in 16 x 24 ” at $45 and 24 x 36 ” at $65. Both editions have 150 available for each.

Giclee prints are the process in which the inkjet printer uses to reproduce art and create individual copies. The word Giclee is a French word meaning to spray or squirt. This is a very different process than seen in screen print posters.

For people not familiar with Callender’s work, here are a few more horror-related examples of Casey’s art which can be found on Hero Complex Gallery’s website to purchase.

Hero Complex Gallery Website
Casey Calender Website

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