Funko Reveals Emerald City Comic Con Funko pop

Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) is the premier comic book & pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest. This year’s Con runs December 2-5, 2021
Amongst notable guests like Tim Curry (IT, Rocky horror picture show), Funko pop has shown off its Mandy-inspired Cheddar Goblin Funko pop figure. Mandy, Director Panos Cosmatos film is now a cult classic. The fact that the cheddar goblin is talked about side by side with Nicolas Cage’s acting in the film says a lot about the character. For those that don’t know the Cheddar Goblin is shown in a television commercial while Cage watches on after a traumatic experience.
Cheddar Goblin is based on a fictional Macaroni and cheese product line. The goblin projectile vomits cheddar onto not only the macaroni but also the kids in the commercial, to which they are overjoyed with cheesy delight.

Below is the commercial in full taken during a 2018 comic con panel for the film Mandy.

Emerald City Comic-con Website
Funko Website

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