Geno McGahee’s RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH from Xposse Production, was recently released on the tubi streaming platform to marvelous results from fans and critics. See what they’ve all been saying down below.

From The Press Release

RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH, an Xposse Production, has just been released on TUBI. Written/Directed and co-produced by Geno McGahee, RISE OF THE SCARECROWS: HELL ON EARTH is a film in the style of FRIDAY THE 13TH with three bloodthirsty monsters ready to kill.

When it released on Tubi, it immediately became one of the most popular new releases and got rave reviews from the critics:

The attention that was given to the Scarecrows is just amazing. They are actually living and breathing scary as hell Scarecrows. There is an unmasking scene that gave me nightmares!” – Phil Herman, Filmmaker

Great kill scenes…Dark humor at its best!” – Gayla Connolly, Scared Stiff Reviews

I would definitely recommend it to any horror fans and any scarecrow fans!!!There is something creepy about scarecrows and this film proves it!” – Jigsaw’s Lair

Jason Voorhees paved the way and the scarecrows marched down the road!” – Chadwick Arnold, Horror Eye

If you are looking for a gruesome scarecrow chiller, this should fit your bill.” – Chris Ringler, SpookyChris.com

Produced by McGahee (RISE OF THE SCARECROWS, AMITYVILLE COP), Gregory Hatanaka (SAMURAI COP 2, MAD COWGIRL), Pete Baez (REMEMBER THE TIMES), Matt Hebert (ZOMBIE BUSTERS: OUTLIVE THE DEAD) and Jesse Delta Ariel Waegelein-Hall (REVENGE), the film promises to bring the monster in the woods slasher back complete with good gore and twists and turns along the way. The film is released by Cinema Epoch and Cineridge Entertainment.

Synopsis: A young writer returns to his hometown and soon discovers the dark secret that has been hidden for years. The Scarecrows have risen and they are raising hell.

TUBI LINKhttps://tubitv.com/movies/625454/rise-of-the-scarecrows-hell-on-earth?start=true

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