R.I.P. – Acclaimed Character Actor DEAN STOCKWELL Dies!

In some ways I really hate having to report these things, but in other ways I feel like I’m doing justice to someone who is gone by letting people know who they were and what they accomplished in their life.

The wonderful character actor Dean Stockwell has passed away. It is being reported by family members that Stockwell passed away peacefully in his sleep from natural causes on November 7th. He was 85.

Most know him from his role as Al Calavicci from Quantum Leap, which ran from 1989-1993. As great as he was on that show, that was just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, in regards to his incredible career that spanned 70 years and over 200 film and television projects.

Stockwell was an Oscar and Emmy-nominated actor, who began his career on Broadway at the age of 7. He broke into film by age 9 in 1945s The Valley of Decision and Anchors Aweigh. He appeared in such notable films as Song of the Thin Man, The Secret Garden, Rapture, Paris, Texas, The Legend of Billie Jean, To Live and Die in L.A., Beverly Hills Cop II, Married To The Mob, Air Force One, and too many more to list.

His list of television accomplishments is vast as well, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bus Stop, Combat!, Mission: Impossible, The Streets of San Francisco, Columbo, Cannon, Police Story, Hart To Hart, The A-Team, Miami Vice, Hunter, Murder, She Wrote, Street Gear, The Tony Danza Show, and several more.

But, It was his genre appearances that endeared him to horror and sci-fi fans in such films and television shows as The Dunwich Horror, The Werewolf of Washington, Once Bitten, The Twilight Zone, They Nest, Night Gallery, The Langoliers (TV Mini Series), Star Trek: Enterprise, Stargate SG-1, and Battlestar Galactica.

He is survived by his wife, Joy Stockwell, and their two children, Austin Stockwell and Sophie Stockwell.

We here at Horror Patch offer our sincere condolences to Dean Stockwell’s family and friends at this time.

Dean forged a path in Hollywood that not many others have before or since. He will be sorely missed but his vast array of work will live on for a long, long time.

R.I.P. Robert Dean Stockwell Born: March 5, 1936 – Died: November 7, 2021

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