Mistress of the Dark gets the Jigsaw Puzzle Treatment with 4 Different releases

messeduppuzzles continue to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of @therealelvira by bringing the Mistress of the Dark to jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts everywhere. 1000 curvily carved pieces are waiting in every box for you to assemble a messed up masterpiece of your own!

Each individual puzzle consists of 1000 pieces to keep you ghouls and ghosts busy throughout the next few holiday engagements. Officially Licensed from Queen “B” Productions. Elvira.com @TheRealElvira
Puzzle photo by David Goldner.

Our jigsaw puzzles arrive in large, premium, sturdy boxes; wrapped in a decorative, removable obi. The puzzle art is just that: the original one-sheet art or iconic photo; unobscured by titles or credits to make it any easier for you.

Puzzle size: 50cm x 70cm (19.685″ x 27.559″)
Box size: 14″ x 10″ x 2″

Puzzles run the range of price from $30 USD up to $45 USD.

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