Comic Crypt: AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY COMICS – Victor Crowley’s Hatchet Halloween III: The Dead Rise / American Mythology Monsters Book II #2 / Living Corpse Relics Encore Ed #4 / Willy’s Wonderland Prequel #1 / TechnoFreak #2

Victor Crowley’s Hatchet Halloween III The Dead Rise

(W) James Kuhoric, S.A. Check, Alexander Banchitta

(A) Puis Calzada, Ev Cantada, Horacio Domingues

(CA) Roy Allen Martinez

It’s back…the annual Halloween event of the year! Return to Honey Island Swamp with three new tales of All Hallows’ Eve! Blood flows and bodies rot in the swamp. And the tortured spirit of Victor Crowley continues to dole out brutal violent retribution upon those that dare to enter his domain. This time of year the spirits of the dead are close and they return from Purgatory to try to take back some measure of vengeance! Join a host of horror writers and artists as we deliver a dose of glorious over-the-top horror that will get your Halloween off to a great start! Victor Crowley’s Hatchet Halloween III comes with three cover editions – Main “The Dead Rise” by Roy Allan Martinez (Zorro Swords of Hell), “Jack’s Back” Variant by Richard Bonk (Hatchet), and “Don’t Lose Your Head” cover by Puis Calzada (Hatchet).


American Mythology Monsters Book II #2

(W) Dan Parsons, Konstantine Paradias, Glenn Moane

(A) Dan Parsons, Cyrus Mesarcia, Ev Cantada

(CA) Neil Vokes

American Mythology’s drive in feature is back and delivering new tales that redefine your expectation of classic monsters! Three all-new fright features continue their diabolic tales here! Veteran comic creator Dan Parsons continues the tale of a modern vampire and her 21st century problems. Then the dynamic duo of Konstantine Paradias and EV Cantada show you a peek into Hell with the nightmarish tale of “Poke.” And in the second chapter of “The Long Game” Glenn Moane and Cyrus Mesarcia reveal the machinations of the modern Mephistopheles. Get in on classic horror comics presented in glorious black & white that enhances the dire consequences of each blood-soaked tale in the pages of American Mythology Monsters! Available with two covers – Main by comics legend Neil Vokes and Racy by Mike Wolfer!


Living Corpse Relics Encore Ed #4

(W) Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser

(A) Jeff Dillon, Jordan Grosser, Mike Shipley

(A/CA) Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser

Celebrate the return of The Living Corpse with a special Relics Encore Edition! The Living Corpse’s world is turned upside-down when John Romero wakes up human and very much alive in a state mental hospital! Were the past adventures of The Living Corpse merely a hallucination of a diseased mind or something far more sinister? All that and learn exactly what happened the night John Romero died and who was to blame? Plus Lilith makes her escape from the Nosferatu horde, intent on keeping her as their new queen. Horror maestros Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson deliver a heavy metal dose of one of the best indie horror comics being published!


Willy’s Wonderland Prequel #1

(W) S.A. Check, James Kuhoric

(A) Puis Calzada

(CA) Buz Hasson, Ken Haeser

This is the first of a special four-part connecting cover series with art by Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser making up one huge Willy’s Wonderland image!

Hey Kids! Do you know what time it is? It’s your birthday and we want you to have Fun! Welcome to Willy’s Wonderland! The surprise hit horror flick of 2021 is Willy’s Wonderland! Nicolas Cage unleashes a can of Punch Pop on the Willy’s serial killing animatronic crew in the film, but what came before the janitorial rampage? Find out here in this official prequel to the movie giving you all the party filled blood spatter you can handle! Willy, Ozzie, Arty, Cammy, Tito, Gus, Sara, and Knighty Knight all are back with a blood soaked romp through homicidal birthday parties! This special series is written by SA Check (Volcanosaurus) and James Kuhoric (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) with interior art by Puis Calzada (Hatchet). Willy’s Wonderland Prequel #1 comes with three covers – Main Connecting Cover (issues #1-4 make a huge single shot of terrifying birthday horror) by the horror team of Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser (The Living Corpse), Variant by interior artist Puis Calzada (Hatchet), and a special rare “Slashin’ Time” movie poster edition featuring Willy Weasel!


TechnoFreak #2

(W) John Charles, Barry May

(CA) John Charles

(A/CA) Tom Newell

Mature Readers. 40 Big Pages!

The Dame and the Damned, it turns out Jon Sherlok isn’t the last TechnoFreak alive… Can he save another survivor? Jon and Maurice, the metal moggy, face the vicious sneering evil of Felix Scrutner, creator of the TechnoFreak technology in deepest, darkest, Dorking! All this, and the clone Lorettas sing a happy song. America loved issue one, and issue two is even better. It’s sexy, sassy fun from merry olde England. What more could you ask for? This one will fly off the shelves.TechnoFreak: It ain’t Marvel and it ain’t P.C.


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