Possible Bigfoot Prints Found at Mount St. Helens in Washington State!

In continuing to keep you all abreast of possible cryptid evidence and sightings – there have been possible Bigfoot prints found last week in Washington state at Mount St. Helens.

These prints were discovered by a motorist driving and happened to see them going up the side of a hill. She stopped her car and went to investigate and luckily take a few pics of what she came across. The woman said that there were at least three of the massive footprints leading to the top of the hill and there may have been more beyond that, but she “couldn’t safely get up the rest of the way to check.” To her credit, she not only photographed the peculiar impressions alongside her hand and her shoe, which is is “a size 8 mens,” but also came up with a clever way of measuring one of the prints. The quick-thinking witness used a piece of dental floss to establish the length of the impression and then, upon getting home, determined that it was a whopping 12.5 inches long.

She thought it would’ve been highly unlikely for the prints to have been the work of a prankster due to the location of said prints. Take a look at the pics and see what you think.

As usual, we always love to get your impressions and thoughts of this particular piece of “evidence”. Real or not? Bear or Bigfoot? Give us your thoughts.

Source: Coast To Coast AM

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