U.D.O – Game Over (2021)

U.D.O – Game Over (2021)
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Style: Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

1– Fear detector4:20
2– Holy invaders3:26
3– Prophecy4:41
4– Empty eyes3:52
5– I see red3:16
6– Metal never dies5:06
7– Kids and guns4:07
8– Like a beast5:02
9– Don’t wanna say goodbye4:12
10– Unbroken3:13
11– Marching tank5:06
12– Thunder road4:04
13– Midnight stranger5:29
14– Speed seeker4:34
15– Time control4:16
16– Metal damnation4:01

U.D.O consists of:

  • Udo Dirkschneider – vocals (1987–1992,1996–present)
  • Andrey Smirnov – guitars (2013–present)
  • Sven Dirkschneider – drums (2015–present)
  • Tilen Hudrap – bass (2018–present)
  • Dee Dammers – guitars (2018–present)

Udo Dirkschneider departed the ultra-popular band Accept in 1987 to set out on his own path with his own band called U.D.O. They released their first album “Animal House” that same year, the catch is this album was actually written by the band Accept. U.D.O would go on to release more albums and tour with some of that era’s popular rock acts (Guns and Roses, Lita Ford).

Dirkschneider would start up the band Accept throughout the ninties while also releasing new music with U.D.O. The band continues to release albums steadily with their 17th studio album “Game Over”.

Udo Dirkschneider has a completely distinct voice which has only continued to get stronger with age. The band’s material continues to please fans of heavy metal and with “Game Over” they continue on this trajectory. The album’s lyrics and theme is one of a Global implications. Basically, the band has focused the album on themes and issues which fans internationally can relate to, the ever-growing climate issues, gun violence and natural disasters. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear something with such great meaning and all the while still be a great album musically and vocally.

Choosing a stand out song amongst the 16 on this album is a hard one, for one reason, they are all so pleasing to listen to. “Fear Detector” starts the album off with a bang. It is a sing along classic with Udo just killing it with his vocals. “Empty eyes” has such a great chorus that just sticks in the litener’s ears. I personally have been humming “Evil empty eyes” hours after hearing the song. Songs like “Metal never Dies” and “Midnight Stranger” are bound to be classics and although modern still include many nodes to the past musical scene.

“Don’t wanna to say goodbye” is a softer ballad-ish song with a subdued Udo vocally. Also, I believe it is the only song on the album to include strings and a great band chorus. Songs like “Kids with Guns” and “I see Red” really hit hard lyrically, without being preachy.

U.D.O has managed to do what other bands of its time haven’t been able to do, stay relavant while also creating an album with enough modern tips of the hat and still staying true to the foundation that made the band popular. Game Over does not have one weak song on it. The songs are fun, metal with meaning masterpieces. There is a ton of replay value in Game over. I have had it on since the day I bought it. This one is the best releas of the year, maybe even the decade.

Get U.D.O “Game Over” out now here

Rating 11 out of 10
CD Review by: Chris Hammond

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