DM Unit HYPERDONTIA Drop New Single, “Snakes of Innards”!

International death metal machine HYPERDONTIA has just dropped a new single for the track, “Snakes of Innards!” The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album, Hideous Entity, which is due out on November 12th on various labels, more details below.

From The Press Release

International death metal horde HYPERDONTIA have set a November 12 release date for their newest burnt offering, Hideous Entity. The album is being released through a collaboration between Dark Descent Records (CD and digital), Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl), and Desiccated Productions (cassette).

The band has unleashed the opening track from Hideous Entity. Stream “Snakes of Innards” and pre-order the album now at this location.

Track listing:

  1. Snakes of Innards
  2. Trapped in the Void
  3. Beast Within
  4. Coils of Wrath
  5. Grinding Teeth
  6. Lacerated and Burning
  7. Wretched Mockery of Creation
  8. Impervious Veil

HYPERDONTIA is a name that needs little introduction. In 2018 this Turkish-Danish Death Metal machine unleashed A Nexus Of Teeth which proved to be some of the most astounding Death Metal of recent years, earning the band a huge amount of respect. Along with a couple of EP’s and a split with MORTIFERUM, we have seen the quality of their music remain consistently high. Now they return with their 2nd full length opus Hideous Entity.

Opening with a charnel blend of doomy riffs and cavernous drum work, the band draw once more from the spectral vein of old school Death Metal with their own crushing blend of slower moving extremity. Those lurking riffs that change angle rapidly into ever-evolving depths of ferocity meet a busy and incredibly able drum performance, aided by monstrous vocals to ensure the entire band has a monolithic sound of pure obliteration. To balance such unfathomable musicianship with a tendency for catchiness and groove ensures we receive an expansive and unforgettable experience that will not only destroy but also stick with the listener long after the album finishes. There is a definite progression in instrumentation here as warped bass lines underline the venomous riffing and bombastic drums in a manner that can only be described as otherworldly. While A Nexus Of Teeth was a blunt force trauma of pure Death Metal hammering, this recording is razor sharp, though holding onto all of the great characteristics of its predecessor, they have not been afraid to experiment and embolden the flavour of their sound.
The 40 minute length of the LP spans 8 songs, each of which proves to be a wondrous affair of punishing heaviness in its own right, but the sheer brutality and capability of HYPERDONTIA’s songwriting / musical talent can only be truly unlocked when listening to Hideous Entity as a whole. Aptly titled, this distorted configuration of sounds is utterly abysmal in the best possible way. All of the instruments and vocals alike work in unison to provide a stoic and barbaric yet intricate tapestry of decimating sounds and contorted atmospherics. Precision is of course key, as has always been the case, with every riff or beat or growl feeling deliberate in its conviction. No second is wasted nor ideas linger past their welcome, this entity transcends through so many juxtaposing qualities with sadistic pleasure, as its volatility will throw you into a whole new abyss of demonic soundscapes.
This is not an album to listen to but rather fall victim to its might. Something that any Death Metal maniac will do gladly when such magnificence is offered. HYPERDONTIA return with triumph and glory on their most blazon display of morbid music to date.

Malik – Bass
Tuna – Drums
Mustafa – Guitars (lead)
Mathias – Guitars, Vocals

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