Trivium – In the Court of the Dragon (2021)

Trivium// In the Court of the Dragon
Record label// Roadrunner
Style// Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Thrash, Progressive Metal

Producer by// Josh Wilbur


1.“X” (instrumental)1:27
2.“In the Court of the Dragon”5:09
3.“Like a Sword Over Damocles”5:30
4.“Feast of Fire”4:18
5.“A Crisis of Revelation”5:35
6.“The Shadow of the Abattoir”7:11
7.“No Way Back Just Through”3:53
8.“Fall Into Your Hands”7:45
9.“From Dawn to Decadence”4:08
10.“The Phalanx”7:15
Total length:52:11

Trivium consists of :
Matthew K Heafy // Vocals & Guitar Corey Beaulieu // Vocals & Guitar Paolo Gregoletto // Bass & Vocals Alex Bent // Drums

Trivium form in 1999 and emerge on the metal scene in the year 2003 with the album Ember to Inferno. The band never worries about sticking to one style or another manage to evolve their sound over 10 studio albums into the juggernaut that they are today.

Last year saw the release of the stellar album What the dead Men say and now they have returned just over a year later with the new album “In the Court of the Dragon”. Full disclosure, I’ve been on the Trivium bandwagon since I first heard the song “In waves”, and I haven’t looked back since. Will the new album live up to the material that is out now or will it bring the band a few steps back?

To answer this question, it is very simple, Trivium has blown all their previous works out of the water and put a stamp on the metal scene as one of the bands that never disappoint. In The Court of the Dragon not only progresses the sound of the band melodically, sonically, and lyrically. This album won’t disappoint in any way, there are no weak offerings here, just a meaty musical masterpiece.

The album starts off with the instrumental “X”. This 1:27 second piece is just a peek at what is going to come and it induces chills of excitement. The song leads right into the title song “In the Court of the Dragon”. I can’t even articulate the excitement this song induces. The song brings me right back to the first time the song “In Waves” hit my earholes. It’s fresh, it’s powerful, and it’s just ballsy as hell. The solos are pure metal bliss. Heafy’s growls of “In the Court of the Dragon” echo over the melodic precession of the music in hair tingly eruption.

“Like a Sword over Damocles” doesn’t stop the thrash train, but also adds elements of melodic metal intertwined for the rest of time for all to enjoy. The breakdowns and chorus get the blood pumping. This is going to be a single that will be played over the airwaves and make a “Best of” album. The next song “Feast of fire” is more melodic in a good way. The song is powerful, Heafy has shifted his gutter growls to more of a clean vocal sound on this song, that’s not to say the growls are gone totally, they are just used sparsely. The tempo and riffs are just a tad slower on this one, but still incorporating solos.

The band shifts back to Thrash with “A Crisis of Revelation” and “No way back just through”, The whole band shifts once again to hit listeners with “The Shadow of Abattoir” and the results are truly epic. Heafy’s clean vocals are strong and unrelenting, the band matches the vocals baritone tempos then change it up when the song picks up around the three-minute mark. The vocals then get aggression-filled which seems to fuel the instrumental as they go into overdrive. The mighty solos with accompanying drums are the best thing I’ve heard since, mid-80’s Metallica. The song ends as it began with a slower pace, giving listeners a chance to catch their breath.

Get the blood pumping furiously again with “Fall into your Hands”. The vocals are outstanding, the chorus punches listeners. The guitars do the heavy lifting through the seven-minute-long bouned to be classic. There is so much tempo-shifting in this one that it gets crazy. When concerts do start to meet some kind of normalcy again, the crowd will enjoy singing along with this one. This one even has some orchestra work near the final bit of the song, truly brilliant.

Trivium hits the listeners with another Trash masher in “From Dawn to Decadence” In the same vein as some of the other thrasher offerings on this album, the band hits groovy tempo and smashes it into lightspeed. The final song on In the Court of the Dragon is “The Phalanx”. This song’s theme sets focus on facing one’s own personal demons. Being the closer to the album, the song offers listeners everything. Heafy’s guttural growl vocals and big-time instrumental spotlights throughout. One thing of note is the way Bent’s drum work helps to congeal the song together. Sometimes he gets overlooked in mentions, but his work, especially on this song highlights he’s a talented dude.

Trivium has created another masterpiece with In the Court of the Dragon. They no longer sound anything like the bands they were compared to early on, they are their own sound, their own brand, and have made (and continue to) make their own mark in music history. The fact that their work output is still so good after 22 years is astounding. The band is still taking risks and exploring new elements in their songs and music. Sometimes, when bands 20-plus years into their career take risks they fall flat (I’m looking at you Metallica’s LULU), but with risk, there is reward and Trivium has rewarded their fans with another amazing output of material, I dare say one of their best works to date.

Rating 10 out of 10 Dragons!

Trivium Website
‘In The Court Of The Dragon’ is out now worldwide here
Physical CD review by: Chris Hammond

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