We Get Words with Bad Candy Directors/Writers Scott B Hansen & Desiree Connell

So the other day I had the chance to talk with both Scott B Hansen & Desiree Connell the writers/directors of the film Bad Candy.

By Chris Hammond

So the other day I had the chance to talk with both Scott B Hansen & Desiree Connell the writers/directors of the film Bad Candy. Both Hasen and Connell have been working together for years. Scott has countless Producer, Editor credits and along with this, he has directed numerous music videos and films including The Possession Experiment (2016).

Bad Candy is a new horror film that takes place in the fictional town of New Salem on Halloween night. Radio DJs Chilly Billy (Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) tell twisted tales of terrifying local myths. The residents of New Salem experience horrifying paranormal encounters that lead them to a sour, not sweet end.

Below is a small exerpt from that conversation

Did Bad Candy start out as an anthology or was it always planned out to be like that?

Desiree: We don’t actually consider it an anthology, it’s a storyline with vignette featuring..
Scott: We didn’t want to be, I know we’re going to get labelled an anthology, but I definitely know we wanted to make it all a bunch of crazy Sh@$ that happens in this one town called New Salem and everything’s connected, everybody criss-crosses and it comes around for the button at the end. Anthologies tend to be cut off stories, we wanted to make something that you could watch all the way through as a full movie and get everything.

The other thing I noticed was the practical effects, are you guys big on the practical effects?

Desiree: Yes!
Scott: Yeah, I started in special effects before I graduated to film making. It’s just something I feel people don’t take time with, they opt for CG, they don’t appreciate the beauty of like THE THING, you know John Carpenter. So when we work with special effects people, the way we work with them is we kind of give them free reign, but we want to reign it into the story and give it as much care as possible when the story telling starts, because we just have so much respect for it and honestly we really couldn’t afford CG that much anyways, so we had to work within our means because we are super inde (independent) it’s a tiny film it’s not like a 15 billion dollar trick or treat film, we just tried to do what we could.

Honestly, it looks like a big-budget film to me. The atmosphere is perfect.
So have you worked together before? or is this the first time ?

Desiree: We’ve been working together since 2014

I felt like this wasn’t the first time you both worked together, but I couldn’t tell. You both have a vision and you like horror movies too

Scott:Yeah, I would say Desiree is more the comedy aspect of things and I’m more the horror set design and visuals, so we kind of work together pretty well. Her influences are more like Mel Brooks, Sam Raimi, umm, James Cameron, we both love Del Toro

Desiree: We both have a combination of different interests that when blended you come up with this unique formula. It works for us in different avenues, we do a lot of music videos together for big bands and musical acts. We try to blend our vision, so it’s visually stunning, which is Scott’s bread and butter, but also kind of funny with a little of a backstory so it has more depth. I think we work really well together.

Yes, you do work well together. the funny parts come in, I mean they’re throughout the film, but I really started to notice it near the end during the Dracula Uber segment. I really enjoyed that. The creature design that was really good too, I forget the name of the brothers that worked on that

Desiree: It was Robert and Wayne Anderson
Scott: Wayne is like the next Stan Winston. He’s working on all these big movies, he flew off the set of Avatar 2 in New Zealand to come work on Bad Candy two days later. That just shows you, us being such a tiny film, for him to come off of a billion dollar movie budget to come work with us..
Desiree: It’s the love of the art it’s not a financial thing. Being with like-minded people that also want to create something cool. Wayne is so talented, he deserves all of the things that he’s getting. It’s an honour to actually have him part of our feature.
Scott: We’re fans and we just sort of reached out, he said yes and we told him the scene and he was like that’s the craziest sh@$ I’ve ever heard. Your going bring inthis giant bat creature killing people with ball gags in their mouths and pumpkins on their heads running intheir underwear at 32 degrees outside and he was like “I’m in!”

Did you know that Zach Galligan and Corey Taylor were going work so well together? because they have a great report

Desiree: They’re fans of each other, well Corey’s a massive 80’s horror fan and what is Zach’s greatest hit ?. Zach’s really into Slipknot, so when they met each other and they’re on set for the first time they meshed so well and they were both so professional. They knew all of their lines it was really endearing to watch because the second they started playing around we really had a lot of fun. We only shot with them for less than a week, but it was a good week.

Did they adlib anything ? because ne3ar the end of the film I felt like there might have been a little ablibbing that didn’t make it into the film

Desiree: There’s some stuff that on the Blu-Ray

With the Blu-Ray what features are you going to have included?

Scott: The Blu-Ray is going have behind the scenes, deleted scenes, commentary with Desiree and I (that is kind of fun). There’s a picture reel BTS (behind the scenes), there’s a lot of fun stuff a lot of outtakes.

Bad Candy, which is the name of the clown/creature we see throughout the film, what exactly is it ?

Scott: Our little witch character Kyra played by Riley Sutton. She has a cool power where anything she draws comes alive. In the opening scene she’s locked away from her treehouse friends and grounded on Halloween. So she creates, she’s already created Bad Candy, but she gets a little carried away with her magic pencil and she creates a fairy, which is actually played by Desiree, that fairy thing is her. You’ll see some of that in BTS (Behind the scenes). Bad Candy is just straight from Kyra and he represents to help keep the holiday in check. If you’re dissing Halloween or being bad you know he’s going to punish you, he’s always looking out. He’s not like Pennywise or the Terrifier guy (Art the Clown)
Desiree: He’s not malicious, he’s looking after the holiday
Scott: He’s a vigilante, he reacts to whatever Kyra is thinking, it’s kind of like her creation.

Finally, is there a chance we may see more of Bad Candy in the future?

Scott: Oh I think so
Desiree: Hopefully
Scott: We’ve already started writing a potential sequel, we’re trying to expand the world for sure.
Desiree: We’re excited to build on some of the stories we felt could have had more, we’re working on it, we’re hoping it takes off.

Bad Candy is in Select Theaters September 10, On VOD September 14 + Blu-ray October 12
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