Bad Candy (2021) Review

Review by: Chris Hammond

Directed by: Scott B Hansen & Desiree Connell
Written by: Desiree Connel & Scott B Hansen
Cast: Zach Galligan, Derek Russo, and Corey Taylor
Producers: Steve Gebara, Richard Fitzpatrick, Mitchell Cox, Bret Disend, Desiree Connell, Scott B Hansen, Jacob Kasher Genre: Horror Run Time: 100 minutes Rating: Not rated Distributor: Dread

Synopsis: On Halloween night in New Salem, Radio DJs Chilly Billy (Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) tell a twisted anthology of terrifying local myths. Residents of the small-town experience horrifying paranormal encounters that lead them to a grim end.

Anthology movies can be hit or miss and for the most part Band Candy falls somewhere in between. Radio show hosts Chilly Billy (Corey Taylor) and Paul (Zach Galligan) at CHANNEL 6.66 FM host a talk show on Halloween night. These two characters play well off of each other and really help introduce each new story in the film with enthusiasm and excitement. Basically, they are the audience’s anchor that keeps things coming back to reality.

The segments or stories start off strong with great festive Halloween set pieces. Large pumpkins, dark cloudy streets, weird clown costume characters only help but push all Hallows Eve atmosphere agenda steadfast. The overabundance of fake blood, the campiness, sound, and lighting are all top-notch. This is how spooky and scary is done and done right.

The first segment with a girl who can magically bring her drawings to life helps introduce a mundane mascot of sorts in a clown character rightfully named “Bad Candy”. This clown interconnects the film’s segments and although not as engaging as other film’s mascots, this one has a reason for showing up (which is revealed as the film progresses).

Not all the stories are as enthralling as the radio hosts build-ups to them. The one good thing is many of the stories are short and mostly sweet, with only a few feeling like retreads from other films. The characters and acting in each segment are superbly done. This is a big plus for the film as nothing feels overdone or underwhelmed. The film ticks many of the boxes of a horror enthusiast, being believable is a big plus for Bad Candy.

Co-Directors, Scott Hansen and Desiree Connell have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish with the film and that’s entertaining on a scary level. I appreciate that their vision is well thought out and they brought in a talented team of actors and visual effects artists (mostly keeping effects practical with very minimal use of CGI).

Bad Candy is a fast-paced premium production, full of stunning atmosphere and top-level acting and storytelling. The film sets out what it intends to do from the first minute, give the audience an exciting horror film anthology to sit back and watch any time of year.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 cavities

Release Date: In Select Theaters September 10, On VOD September 14 + Blu-ray October 12

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