Horrorpatch Shoots the Wind With GWAR’S The Berserker Blothar

By Chris Hammond

Recently, I had the chance to get some words with The Berserker Blothar (GWAR’s vocalist). We talked about many different things amongst them was the upcoming release of the live recording of SCUMDOG XXX LIVE (recorded at the Oct 30th, 2020 Livestream), the evolution of GWAR, and how much input each member has on not only the music side of things but also everything GWAR. Other noteworthy things discussed were how has GWAR adapted its visual/musical experience through the Pandemic. There is a meaty center to this who discussion so enjoy and dig in.

The band has been around millions of years, do you think that humans will ever understand that we are all fleshy, bone meat machines and we aren’t so different from each other 

NO! Humans will never truly grasp their infinitesimal insignificance. (double negative, but I’m a negative guy sometimes).

Music has always been a part of my life, from as early as I can remember. It has molded me into the person I am. Do you hope that the last legacy of GWAR will be that the music, the theatrics, and social commentary will mold generations to come?

I certainly hope so. GWAR has a lot to say, and we are far from finished saying (and selling) it! SO look for more stuff coming your way.”  

 My first ever experience with GWAR was back in grade school. I was watching the “Power Hour” (Heavy Metal block of music vids on Much Music) on our Canadian music Channel. The song “Sick of You” came on the screen and I was glued. It was like something I had never seen and carnage and blood-soaked three-minute soap opera. The glaring thing that stood out in my young mind was, these guys can really play.. My question is this something that surprises people when they are first introduced to GWAR, they don’t realize that the band is highly intelligent with many members holding Ph.D.’s 

Well, everyone could see that Oderus had a Pretty Huge Ding-a-ling…but if you are referring to my human thrall Michael Bishop, yes is a smarty pants super genius who hid in the Ivy Towers of academia staring at his own navel until they gave him a Ph.D. and pushed him out the door. And yes, I think people are surprised but it is only because they don’t pay enough attention to what the band is saying and has been saying for more than 30 years.  We offer a funny but cutting critique of modernity. We always have.

The band has gone through many members changes and the music has evolved over the years, how much input does each member of GWAR have into the musical elements of the band? We all write music and lyrics

It is a shockingly democratic process for such a collection of weirdos!

I recently had a chance to listen to “The disc with no name” the acoustic ep that the band put out earlier this year. The songs really have a great relisten value and the lead vocals are spot on. How has the band’s look and sound changed over the years? Is it more with growing and evolving? 

Well, from the beginning, GWAR has changed a ton. The artists in the band are constantly looking for new technologies that will allow us to improve the look, comfort, and durability of the costumes. We are evolving technologies for production as well, new ways to shoot more liquid and other stuff all over the audience! The band has moved from a more space-age caveman image to a cleaner and more detailed look where the costumes reflect our current storylines etc. And the music has grown too. The band always manages to find young talent and meld it with our old asses, draining the creative juices of young musicians like Hollywood perverts drinking adrenochrome.” 

How has the Pandemic changed the way GWAR interacts and reaches its fans?

We don’t have to be near them anymore. Well, honestly, we are glad to get back to good old-fashioned throttling! We missed our platoons of pimply punters lining up to get reamed with hot rock and roll.” 

GWAR is a very visual experience, do you ever see live streaming concerts replacing hitting the road and touring:?

Never. The live experience is the premium one. We did play for an audience of cars at a drive-in theater though, and that was great. The best-looking crowd we’ve had for a while. Nice headlights on some of those little numbers. I could get used to that.” 

SCUMDOG XXX LIVE (recorded at the Oct 30th, 2020 Livestream) is up for Pre-order on the GWAR website. Fans can get this on cd/DVD/Bluray, DOUBLE VINYL, and Cassette (some of the options allow you to preorder signed versions too). What can you let fans know about this recording? 

You should buy it! It is a much tighter rock band playing our old tunes but with the benefit of years more practice at our craft…of playing crappy rock music, just kidding! It rocks and it was a blast to relearn and breathe new life into those old tunes.

What should fans expect when you ghouls go out on the road for “The Scumdogs 30th-anniversary tour” that kicks off September 16th in Richmond, VA?

Bloodsoaked orgies of unrestrained nerdy metal. Of course, some of our old enemies from that era will come back to the stage and make our lives difficult. It’s a long list of ridiculous stereotypes like the Redneck from Hell, The Bad Biker Bitch, and other miscreants. The big story though is the return of our arch-enemy, Techno Destructo! We will also see the return of some of our friends from the past, such as The Sexecutioner and Slymenstra Hymen. It should be a lot of fun, for you people at least!”  -The Berserker Blothar of GWAR

Catch Blothar and the rest of GWAR out on the road on September 19 in Richmond, VA, and don’t forget to order Scumdogs XXX Live here in a bundle or whatever you prefer. Also, H.O.P Toys/GWAR have recently released an Oderus Urungus 10 inch Sofubi collectible figure, which you can order here (yes there are different variants, so check it out!)

GWAR Website
GWAR Twitter
GWAR Facebook
GWAR Instagram

Tour Dates:

$ -with Madball / Eyehategod supporting

x -with Napalm Death / Eyehategod supporting

# -Festival

9/16/21- Richmond, VA – The National $ TICKETS

9/17/21- Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall # TICKETS

9/18/21- Chicago, IL – RiotFest @ Douglas Park $ TICKETS

9/19/21- Pittsburgh, PA  – Mr. Smalls $ TICKETS

10/28/21- Norfolk, VA  – The NorVa x TICKETS

10/29/21- Worcester, MA – The Palladium x TICKETS

10/30/21- Philadelphia, PA – Franklin Music Hall x TICKETS

10/31/21- New York, NY – Irving Plaza x TICKETS

11/1/21- Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Soundstage x TICKETS

11/2/21- Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom x TICKETS

11/4/21- Milwaukee, WI – The Rave x TICKETS

11/5/21- Detroit, MI – Crofoot Ballroom x TICKETS

11/6/21- Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue x TICKETS

11/7/21- Cleveland, OH – House of Blues x TICKETS

11/8/21- Toronto, ON – The Opera House x TICKETS

11/10/21- Asheville, NC – Orange Peel x TICKETS

11/11/21- Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts x TICKETS

11/12/21- Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade x TICKETS

11/13/21- Daytona Beach, FL – Welcome to Rockville # TICKETS   

11/15/21- Houston, TX  – Warehouse Live x TICKETS

11/16/21- Dallas, TX  – Gas Monkey Bar &Grill x TICKETS

11/18/21- Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater x TICKETS

11/19/21- Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theater x TICKETS

11/20/21- Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues x TICKETS

11/21/21- Los Angeles, CA – The Belasco Theater x TICKETS

11/22/21- San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom x TICKETS

11/23/21- Ventura, CA – Ventura Theater x TICKETS

11/24/21- Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory x TICKETS

11/26/21- Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse x TICKETS

11/27/21- Boise, ID – Knitting Factory x TICKETS

11/28/21- Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom x TICKETS

11/30/21- Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO x TICKETS

12/1/21- Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom  x TICKETS

12/3/21- Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall x TICKETS

12/4/21- Edmonton, AB – Midway Bar x TICKETS

12/6/21- Billings, MT – Pub Station x TICKETS  

12/7/21- Denver, CO – The Oriental Theater x TICKETS

12/8/21- Lawrence, KS – Granada Theater x TICKETS

12/9/21- Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue x TICKETS

12/10/21- Lincoln, NE – The Bourbon Theatre x TICKETS

12/11/21- Sauget, IL – Pop’s x TICKETS  

12/13/21- Washington, DC – 9:30 Club x TICKETS

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