Possible Bigfoot Filmed Crossing River in Michigan!

There was a very interesting video and pic recently released of a suspected Bigfoot crossing a river in Michigan. Now in the video, the possible Bigfoot is carrying something in its arms. Some say it’s a juvenile Bigfoot, while others say it could be a deer carcass. You make the call.

East-Central Michigan is home to the Cass River. The river has recently shown up in the spotlight due to a suspect video of an alleged Bigfoot crossing the river.

The video is shot by someone kayaking on the Cass River. The video reportedly shows a large, hairy bipedal creature crossing the river while carrying something in its arms.

Some say the video is of a real Bigfoot creature, while others say it’s just an elaborate hoax. You can check out the video below and a pic to check out the whole thing for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: R.M.S.O. (Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization)

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