Beartooth -Below (2021) Review

Compact Disc reviewed by: Chris Hammond

Beartooth- Below(2021)
Label: Red Bull Records
Style: Metalcore

Current Band Members: Caleb Shomo, Oshie Bichar, Connor Denis, Zach Huston, Will Deely


  1. Below (3:49)
  2. Devastation (3:41)
  3. The Past Is Dead (3:35)
  4. Fed Up (3:21)
  5. Dominate (3:37)
  6. No Return (3:49)
  7. Phantom Pain (3:51)
  8. Skin (3:18)
  9. Hell of It (3:23)
  10. I Won’t Give It Up (3:46)
  11. The Answer (3:39)
  12. The Last Riff (4:41)

Caleb Shomo the lead vocalist for the band Beartooth (which originally slated as a side project) also sang for the band Attack Attack!. Beartooth began it’s journey in the year 2012 and the band has been tearing things up since. On the new Album BELOW the band has progressed their sounds and are firing on all cylinders. From the title track Below listeners will discover this is Beartooth’s most ambitious album to date. The second track on the album “Devastion” Shomo’s energetic screams just gel perfectly with the fast paced instrumentals taking place. Let’s call this what it is “metalmotional” music at its finest. The song “Fed up” is a groovy carousel of emotions that doesn’t stop until Shomo let’s you know just how fed up he actually is. This song feels like something we can all scream along to in the shower.

Although most songs on Below have elements of theatrics, the music and lyrical roller coaster ride that Beartooth has created is one that is all original and full on feels. Listener’s will not only connect with the music but also the lyrical journey that the album takes one on.
The Global Pandemic lock downs have taken a toll on everyone and musical artists are no exception. Beartooth’s album is the perfect balance of anger and angst that most everyone has experienced Worlwide. Caleb Shomo and gang have crafted something extremely entertaining, something that most people who listen to Below will connect with. This of course is a testament to the talented members of the band and the engaging inclusive lyrics that Shomo offers up. The instrumental song “The Last Riff” is all metal, all encompassing and just 4 minutes and 41 seconds of pure musical bliss. This is by far one song that will be on repeat for the rest of the year and beyond (for me that is).

Beartooth’s Below is perfect for a case of the Mondays (or any day that you just want to scream and shout “I won’t give up!”). Beartooth bites hard on Below and show that metal is more than just music, it’s a state of mind.

Rating 5.0 out of 5.0 Bear-teeth

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