Stephen King names BLOOD FEAST as the worst horror movie he’s ever seen!

By Martin Dover

Stephen King is often dubbed as the ‘King Of Horror’. This isn’t just a play on his surname either, it’s because he’s literally written loads of classic horror novels. From The Shining to Misery, Pet Sematary, and Cell, he’s done it all. Whilst this also doesn’t mean that his opinion is a fact, it also means that it’s often taken seriously by horror fans.

Anyway, last week King caused a stir when he took to Twitter and exclaimed, “What is the worst horror movie you ever saw? For me, BLOOD FEAST.” This caused debate in the comments, with different users recounting their least favorite horror films. Unsurprisingly, Nicholas Cage’s 2006 remake of The Wicker Man was also featured by various fans.

So, what is Blood Feast actually about? In short, it’s a 1963 splatter movie that was known for its gruesome and shocking scenes at the time. Here, a deranged murderer starts killing people to prepare a blood feast for an Egyptian God whilst the police try to solve his crimes. It’s a genre that is still around today and also enjoyed a belated sequel in 2002. One can only imagine that King was less than impressed with the storyline which is a bit played out and formulaic at times.

Nonetheless, Blood Feast was hugely successful in a financial sense and went on to gross more than $4 million on a budget of just $25,000. Since its release, it has gained something of a cult following among fans and paved the way for an entire low-budget genre of splatter movies. Regardless, this still wasn’t enough for Stephen King who was clearly less than impressed with it.

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  1. I guess Stephen king never watched his own Maximum Overdrive.

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