Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum (2021)

Review by: Chris Hammond (Digital copy)

Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum
Label: Nuclear Blast
Style: Industrial Metal, Groove Metal

Current band Members:
Dino Cazares (Guitar)
Tony Campos (Bass)
Mike Heller (Drums)

  • Tracklist
1– Recode5:47
2– Disruptor3:45
3– Aggression Continuum4:54
4– Purity3:50
5– Fuel Injected Suicide Machine5:28
6– Collapse4:20
7– Manufactured Hope5:01
8– Cognitive Dissonance4:37
9– Monolith3:34
10– End of Line7:18

Fear Factory has been a mainstay in the industrial and heavy metal music scene since 1989. Earlier material saw the band’s style a more Death Metal feel which has evolved over the years from Nu-metal, Groove metal to where they are today in a more industrial metal style. Aggression Continuum is the band’s 10 studio album which also is the last recordings with lead vocalist Burton C.Bell.

This album was originally slated to come out in 2017, but due to legal battles within the band, it was shelved until recently. The title of the album was originally titled“Monolith” but was changed to Aggression Continuum.
Fear Factory also recently split with singer Burton C. Bell announced he was leaving the band even before the release of the latest album.

The end of an Era, that’s what this album is for Fear Factory. With the original singer exiting after a 30 plus year of being the voice of the band, who knows where Fear Factory will end up now. Well, Aggression Continuum is up there with 1995’s “Demanufacture”. Although the material has been recorded for years it still feels fresh and new especially songs like “Disruptor” and “Monolith”.

The album’s material feels full and complete and not at all a disjointed mess of unfinished recordings. If there ever was a fear that fans would get a half-assed effort, there are no signs of that here. In fact, Aggression Continuum is the perfect soundtrack for what the World is going through. The Industrial dystopia of a planetary wasteland.
Songs “Recode” and “Aggression Continuum” sign through as metal classics with a heavy bassline and fast musical tempo. Of course, Bell’s unmistakable vocals take center stage and the band is firing full cylinders.

There are some classic songs here like “Fuel Injected Suicide Machine” the seven-plus minute fitting final track entitled “End of Line”. Fans of Fear Factory will enjoy this album, despite the band taste it will leave in their mouth. This is a much better offering from Burton than what you’ll find on his new project “Ascension Of The Watchers”. Hopefully, some time will pass, egos will rest and the Fear Factory will rejoin to give fans even more of an evolution in the industrial metal scene (but I wouldn’t hold your breath). Despite the finality of what Fear Factory is known for, this is a great album to exit with and who knows, maybeDino Cazares, Tony Campos, and Mike Heller will be able to spark some magic with a new vocalist, only time will tell.
Rating 4.0 out of 5 Monoliths

Album is out now in many formats including Compact Disc, Vinyl, and Digital Download
Fear Factory’s website
Album can be purchased on Nuclear Blast’s website

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