Comic Crypt: DYNAMITE COMICS OUT JUNE 15 – Army of Darkness/Xena Complete Omnibus / Chastity: Blood & Consequences TP / Sacred Six #10

Army of Darkness/Xena Complete Omnibus

writers: John Layman, Brandon Jerwa, Elliott R. Serrano, Scott Lobdell

artists: Miguel Montenegro, Fabiano Neves, Elliot Fernandez, Diego Galindo

cover: Nick Bradshaw

FC | 208 pages | Action/Adventure, Horror | $29.99 | Teen+

The cross-over no one expected is back for an Omnibus Encore, combining three volume into one epic book! Too big for the movie or television screen, Dynamite presents the ultimate, kicka** crossover tale as Ash and his Army of Darkness meets Xena, the Warrior Princess!

Chapter 1:

Written by John Layman and illustrated by Miguel Montenegro, we begin with Ashley J. Williams transported to the world of Xena and Gabrielle! Throw in the Necronomicon and an evil, little Ash taking charge of a group of fairies (the winged kind) and you’ve got yourselves one rollicking adventure!

Chapter 2:

After the events of their last meet-up, Ash is back in “real” time and Xena and Gabby are back where they started, but they’re not going to stay there, not if the Necronomicon has anything to do with it!

Chapter 3:

Xena, Warrior Princess, has toppled nations through the force of her will. She’s captained the deadliest pirate crew ever to sail the seas. She even turned her back on her past, seeking redemption for her darker acts alongside her partner

Gabrielle. And yet, despite her propensity for defeating all odds, her thousand- strong army has fallen to an implacable and ancient evil. Her only recourse? To use the dreaded Necronomicon to summon Ash Williams – the wise-ass, butt-kicking, smooth-talkin’ demon-killer from the future – for aid! But how can Xena save the world when that chainsaw-wielding knucklehead’s every temporal mishap

threatens to unravel time itself?

Chastity: Blood & Consequences TP

writers: Leah Williams, Erik Burnham, Daniel Maine

artist: Daniel Maine 

cover: Jay Anacleto

FC | 120 pages | $19.99 | Superhero Adventure, Horror | Mature

Chastity Jack has been kidnapped, to the great misfortune of her kidnappers. She, along with a dozen other young women, arrive at an audition for a prestigious New York City burlesque act hoping to land a coveted spot in the popular show. When they wake up in chains on a spooky cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, they’re congratulated on joining the cast. Realizing they’ve been drugged and kidnapped by human traffickers, Chastity Jack declines the offer. Grindhouse-style.

Collecting Chastity (2019) #1-5

Sacred Six #10

writer: Christopher Priest

artist: Stephane Roux, Marcos Ramos

covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Warren Louw (B), Raymund Bermudez (C), Stephane Roux (D), Daniel Maine (E), (RI/Virgin), Raymund Burmudez (RI/Virgin), Warren Louw (RI/Virgin), Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW), Lucio Parrillo (RI/BW Virgin)

FC | 32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+

Our SIX newly-hired guns defend the peaceful vampires of Ashthorne from Chastity’s old flame, the merciless vampire slayer LEVITICUS. Meanwhile, Victory struggles to hide her newfound faith from the team and Vampirella is (literally) not quite herself. also, Nyx’s time-mashup adventure builds to a climax, but can she reclaim her hellfire scepter before her remaining life force expires?

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