GODSLAVE Reveals Second Video for “Straight Fire Zone” From Upcoming New Album!

German thrash metal institution GODSLAVE has dropped another new video for “Straight Fire Zone” from their upcoming sixth full-length entitled, Positive Aggressive. The album will be released on July 23rd via Metalville Records. The band delivers some aggressive thrash that will really fry your brains. Check out the video and get more details on the new album and band as well.

From The Press Release

Today, German thrash institution Godslave reveal the new video “Straight Fire Zone.” The track is the second to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated sixth album, Positive Aggressive, set for international release on July 23rd via Metalville Records.

“Straight Fire Zone” delivers a real headbanger, and that’s exactly what the song is meant to do, says the band: “Dust off the neck, remove rust, loosen tendons, and let the blood flow again through your muscles – get ready for the concerts and festivals that will soon come again! And even if it takes a while, the ‘Straight Fire Zone’ is this one place in your heart, accessible to all – even if we don’t have the opportunity to get together in a concert hall, the feeling of togetherness we always carry within us, no matter where we are! Where, how, and with how many, be it in person or only in the heart, when we enter the ‘Straight Fire Zone,’ only one thing counts – exclusively THAT which does us good in this moment, everything else remains outside. We allow ourselves this time, because we all deserve it!”

See & hear Godslave‘s brand-new video “Straight Fire Zone” in its entirety HERE at the band’s official YouTube channel.

Positive Aggressive is an album with a clear concept and a perfect symbiosis of music and message: catchy melodies and thrashing thrash metal on the one hand and inspiring lyrics that let you look deep into your soul on the other. One thing is clear: no thrash metal without aggression!

But Godslave ask the listener the all-important question: what do you do with the energy released by the aggression? Do you just want to destroy everything out of anger, or do you also want to build something new?

Godslave have made this decision: From opener “How About NO?” to closer “Final Chapters First,” every single song is a vehement statement for getting yourself in control.

Lyricist Bernie deliberately talks openly about his inner struggles – not only to cope with situations himself, but also to encourage others to take their fate into their own hands. Because no one will do it for you: It’s your life; it’s your decision!

On Positive AggressiveGodslave have revived old traditions and, in a time when real contacts are hardly possible, remembered the relationships with the people on the road who became part of the family from one moment to the next.

So the fans can look forward to two guest contributions in particular: On the one hand, Britta Görtz from Critical Mess has contributed distinctive backing vocals on “How about NO?” In addition, the guest solo by Damir Eskic closes the circle of a friendship with Destruction that has already lasted 10 years.

In the meantime, see & hear the brand-new video “Straight Fire Zone” HERE at Godslave‘s official YouTube channel. Also see & hear the previously revealed video “How About NO?” HERE, also at the band’s official YouTube channel.

Tracklisting for Godslave’s Positive Aggressive
1. How About NO?
2. Positive Aggressive
3. Straight Fire Zone
4. From Driven
5. Flap Of A Wing
6. King Kortex
7. Show Me Your Scars
8. I Am What Is
9. See Me In A Crown
10. Final Chapters First

Thomas Pickard – vocals
Bernhard Lorig – guitar
Manuel Zewe – guitar
Michael Koch – bass
Tobias Huwig – drums

2008 – Bound By Chains CD
2008 – Out Of The Ashes EP
2011 – Into The Black CD
2013 – In Hell CD
2015 – Whatever We Want – A Tribute To Status Quo EP
2016 – Welcome To The Green Zone CD
2018 – Reborn Again CD
2019 – 10/10 – Rarities Recovered – Compilation CD

MORE INFO:www.facebook.com/godslaveband


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