Australia’s Yowie (Bigfoot) Spotted on Thermal Image!

In Australia’s Springbrook National Park, researchers on an expedition picked up some fascinating thermal images of a couple of suspected Yowies (Aussie Bigfoot). You can see a couple of videos concentrating on the thermal images down below.

The research team was led by Dean Harrison, who has been researching Australia’s Yowie for 25 years. According to Harrison, the heat signatures picked up by the thermal imaging correlate to two 9 foot creatures.

The suspected Yowies, he says, apparently moved silently as none of the researchers noticed the creatures lurking in the dark nearby. “We wouldn’t have known if anything was there if it wasn’t for the thermal cameras,” Harrison marveled. When the group later looked at what their equipment had captured, he recalled, “we were ecstatic. This is probably the best footage so far in Australia.”

The researchers took additional thermal images that allegedly show a large bipedal creature hugging a tree. Harrison stated that the Yowie hugging a tree is normal behavior for the creatures when they are attempting to hide.

Image captured with thermal technology revealing a mysterious creature, reportedly a yowie, hiding behind a tree. Picture: Dean HarrisonSource:The Courier-Mail
Yowie Research administrator Dean Harrison has been compiling hundreds of accounts of yowie sightings for more than two decades. Picture: Dean HarrisonSource:Supplied

Source: Coast To Coast AM /

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