Against Evil- End of the Line (2021)

Reviewed: digital copy by Chris Hammond

Against Evil- End of the Line (2021)
Label: Doc Gator Records
Style: Heavy Metal

1:The Sound of Violence 4:08
2.Speed Demon 04:08
3.Out for Blood (feat. Billy Sheehan) 04:28
4.Call to War 04:28
5.End of the Line 04:35
6.Sword of Power 04:03
7.Metal or Nothin’ 04:12
8.Fearless 03:26
9.War Hero (Re-Recorded Version) 03:45

Against Evil hails from Visakhapatnam, India. They forged their journey as a metal band in 2014. The band consists of Siri (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Shasank (Lead Guitar), Sravan (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), and Noble John (Drums). Their style consists mainly of classic Eighties heavy metal with elements of power and speed metal. Against Evil’s sound although steeped in the 1980’s metal also contains a more modern sound and feel (picture a progression of Iron Maiden’s sound from the early years until recently.

Although Against Evil started out as a cover band, they’ve come into their own and their music has progressed from the 2015 release “Fatal Assault”. End of the Line is a solid album musically, with a great number of guitar solos and sing-along lyrics. Speed and thrash metal elements do shine through and Siri’s vocals are clean and precise. The band has swagger and while listening to songs “Fearless’ and “Speed Demon” thrash is very evident. The song “Call to War” Siri’s vocals and bass balance out a truly confident metal song, even showing elements of many eighties hard-hitters (Metallica, Accept and Dio). Vocalist Siri’s vocals transform into a growl (reminding me of a Gene Simmons ala the song Unholy). The musical breakdowns in this song make it resemble an anthem or as the song title states a “Call to War”.

Against Evil have a passion for metal, there’s no denying that. The songs, the lyrics, and the musical swagger are all there. They also have the musicianship and talent to back up everything. They are Metal in their purest form, by fans, and for fans. Against Evil is a throwback band, they are a progression of what has come before them and then some. End of the line leaves listeners humming and singing lyrics. The album also has that “Something’ that will keep listeners coming back for more.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (this album makes you throw those horns up hard)

The album is out now via the Against Evil Bandcamp page and here

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