Hiker In Canada Allegedly Spots the OGOPOGO Lake Monster Earlier This Week!

A woman hiking near Canada’s Okanagan Lake this past week allegedly may have spotted the lake’s famed Ogopogo monster. The sighting occurred early Monday morning as the woman, “Andrea” was hiking in an area that overlooked Okanagan Lake.

She noticed what seemed to be a disturbance out in the lake. Something big pierced the lake’s surface and left a large wake behind it. She stated, “I saw something thrashing or something in the water,” she recalled, “it was huge and it was black and it was moving pretty fast, and it had a wake behind it.” “Andrea” also said, it “submerged itself, then re-emerged, pulling a wake behind it. It then submerged itself again and disappeared.” She stressed that there were no boats on the water at the time and “I saw birds dive-bomb this thing as well.”

She said that it could’ve been a big sturgeon but the size of what she saw was probably too big to be that. Also, in what happens a lot in these sightings, she snapped a picture but it was towards the end of the sighting.

Ogopogo is a fabled aquatic creature said to inhabit the depths of Okanagan Lake, dating back to First Nations folklore. While numerous sightings have been reported, no definitive proof of its existence has ever been found.

Source: Coast To Coast AM / Castanet

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