Ghost Iris- Comatose (2021)

Reviewed By : Chris Hammond (Digital Download)

Ghost Iris- Comatose (2021)
Label: Long Branch Records
Style: Heavy Metal, Metalcore


  1. (3815935) 0:42
  2. desert dread 3:14
  3. paper tiger 3:12
  4. cult 3:58
  5. former self 4:49
  6. coda 4:03
  7. ebb//flow 3:57
  8. cold sweat 4:29
  9. coma 4:00
  10. power schism 4:08

Hailing from Denmark Ghost Iris isn’t exactly a new band at all, but with the new album “Comatose” they are bound for a boatload of prestige. Although the album is Metalcore at heart the group doesn’t limit itself to just that style. The melodic breakdowns mixed with clean vocals transform into brutal Death Metal and guttural growling vocals. Ghost Iris also has many other musical styles that they show off with precision and the grooves, cut deep.

The album starts with the heart-pounding “(3815935)” musical interlude that leads right into the musically mammoth “Desert Dread” featuring Mark Hunter of the band Chimaira. The album marches on with the doom-filled “Paper Tiger”.
Guttural vocals growl over the pounding assault drums and bass. Although “Cult” starts softer musically, the band kicks it up into 5 gear as they continue to mix genres, grooves, and breakdowns. This one really brings images of crowds of fans moshing and just enjoying this angst-filled song on every level.

Comatose gets even faster, even louder with “Former Self”. This is one of the more punkish, thrash songs on the album. Probably one of the standouts of all the songs (if I was forced to choose one). The song is Metalcore at heart but a hybrid Metalcore at the very least. “Coda” brings heavy bass grooves only matched by the drum and guitar breakdowns. This one hits hard and there’s no standing 8-count needed, musically it’s a knockout.

The album switches gears for a second with the song “Ebb/Flow”. Jesper Vicencio Gün displays his powerful clean vocals (which are very impressive and something I wish there were more of). The song itself is more of a metal ballad (at least as close as Ghost Iris gets to one on this album). Fret not though “Cold Sweat”, “Coma” and “Power Schism”
close out the album where it started, heavy, groovy, and guttural.

Ghost Iris is anything but Comatose, energy, power, and extreme, this is the band. Their grooves, breakdowns, and power pound their way into your soul and never leave. Get ready for a great surprise when Ghost Iris invades, they’re here to stay.
Rating: 5 out 5 Ghosts say Groovy as hell

The Album comes out May 7, 2021, and can be streamed on various platforms here
Physical copies and band merchandise can be purchased on the band’s bigcartel page .

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