Void Vator – Great Fear Rising (2021)

Reviewed by: Chris Hammond (Digital Download)

Void Vator- Great Fear Rising (2021)
Label: Ripple Music
Style: 80’s Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal
Band Members:
Lucas Kanopa – Guitar/Vocals
Erik Kluiber – Guitar
Sam Harman – Bass
German Moura – drums

1.I Can’t Take It 03:35
2.I Want More 03:23
3.There’s Something Wrong With Us 03:17
4.Losing Control03:39
5.Great Fear Rising05:30
6.MacGyver’s Mullet 03:13
7.Encounter 01:09
8.Poltergeist 03:38
9.Infierno 05:03

Void Vator are a band that really knows what their skills are and how to use them. They describe their music as Riffs, Hooks, and Leads, which is a bit of an understatement. Sure their are an onslaught of riffs, hooks and leads, but the music brings fans a better appreciation of early Eighties metal bands, but also making sure to modernize the sound to please a whole new crop of younger fans.

The guitar licks would make even a young Slash brush the hair out of his face and go who are these guys. Guitars aside, vocally Kanopa brings just the right amount of angst and energy to each and every song on Great Fear Rising, especially songs I Want More, Losing Control and the lead song I Can’t Take It.

Poltergiest, and Inferno embody the Dio years of Sabbath while also cranking up the tempo and riffs in just the right places. The song Encounter has a slower, stoner, psychedelic groove at moments even sounding like Mastadon before going into its own Vator-ish sound. McGyver’s Mullet’s sleazy, grimy vocals match the odd lyrics, as Mullet’s go this is one that never goes out of style. There’s Something Wrong With Us has a very Foo Fighter feel although heavier at points. The song probably sums up what many people are feeling right now in this Pandemic (especially the younger generation). Finally, Great Fear Rising is heavy, fast and really showcases the 80’s metal feel well. It is a song that really is its own and although early Anthrax comes to mind, they never sound quite like this.

Van Vator simply put makes great music, music you can listen to and not worry about political overtones and is not too overly dark lyrically. It is music at its purest form. These guys are here for a long time and hopefully turn out a billion more albums that are sure to please.

Rating 5 Van Vators out of 5 Album out now CD, Vinyl, and Digital Download at https://voidvator.bandcamp.com/album/great-fear-rising-3

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