Sandveiss – Sandveiss Bloody Sandveiss – 2020 EP

Sandveiss- Sandveiss, Bloody, Sandveiss (A tribute to Black Sabbath) 4 track EP
Label- Sexy Sloth Records
Style: Melodic, Heavy Metal, Stoner

Luc Bourgeois / Guitar and Vocals
Shawn Rice / Guitar
Maxime Moisan / Bass
Dominic Gaumond / Drums


  • Hole in the sky – 3:36
  • Children of the Grave – 5:15
  • Black Sabbath – 6:00
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – 5:23
    Total 20 minutes

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada this heavy metal rock band was born in 2011. With a handful of original material available on albums, the band turns their focus to the pioneers of Blues Metal. Sandveiss covers four classic Black Sabbath songs on the Sandveiss, Bloody, Sandveiss EP out now.

The band spins a simple but unique approach to these classic songs which include a powerful rendition of “Hole in the Sky”. The guitar and vocal work on this song is superb and really measures up well to the original song release. The next song “Children of the Grave” is a straight-ahead metal trip, one which has great musicianship and that Sandveiss feel.

Songs on this album are more than just covers, they are tributes that also intertwine the Sabbath sound and Sandveiss sound. As a result, this amalgamation of music creates something different from most tribute albums, something that old and new metal fans will want to take notice of.

The final two songs on this EP are by far the more Sandveiss-interpreted Sabbath sound. “Black Sabbath” retains the meat of the original song but adds a whole new layer of melodic rock which is pleasing to the listener’s ears. The last song on the album “Sabbath, Bloody, Sabbath” is less metal and more acoustic sounding. This doesn’t mean it is any less heavy though. Vocals work hand in hand with thumping guitar cords.

Sandveiss shows their own range and influence on the songs included in Sandveiss, Bloody, Sandveiss. This talented group of musicians creates new feelings while listening to these classic songs. Definitely one album that will cheer up people in these Covid-19 times.
Rating : 5 out of 5 Sabbra cadabras
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