Mondo To Release GODZILLA VS. KONG Posters and Tiki Mugs!

Today Mondo has announced some cool merch for the upcoming GODZILLA VS. KONG film. They will be releasing posters and tiki mugs related to the film. Posters and Tiki Mugs will be on sale Tuesday 3/30 at 11 am Central via THE DROP. Get more details down below.

From The Press Release

The enormity of the showdown that is GODZILLA VS. KONG cannot be overstated. The King of the Monsters vs…The Eighth Wonder of the World? Shut up and take our money.

Regardless of the epic battle you most want to see (Godzilla vs. Kong? Humanity vs. both? The planet vs – what’s inhabiting the planet?), we here at Mondo have you covered. We’re commemorating this earth-shaking face-off with four tiki mugs, and because we know you, we made sure to cover fans from each camp.

And because a movie isn’t a movie without a poster, we’re bringing you two versions: our GODZILLA VS. KONG poster as well as our Japanese variant. This is a true representation, with something for everyone.

Posters and Tiki Mugs will be on sale Tuesday 3/30 at 11 am Central via THE DROP.

Posters expected to ship in June 2021. Ships worldwide, excluding Japan and China. 

Tiki Mugs expected to ship in June 2021. Ships worldwide, excluding Japan and China. NOTE: These mugs are handmade, making each one unique. Slight variations from images shown may occur.
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